What His Favorite Superhero Reveals

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Your guy’s hero of choice can reveal a lot about his personality. Ask him to pick his all-time favorite action great from the list below and use Cosmo’s guide to decode his answer. cosmopolitan.com.

I came across this article about superheros this morning over green tea and un-brushed teeth — perhaps because it’s Monday morning that I felt the need to keep it light and I have just finished posting a bunch of stuff over at the nerdgirlsagogo blog.

BUT! Here is my take. I once did a business deal with a guy that had Batman stuff all over his apartment, he ended up never giving me the raw footage of a PSA that I had shot with him (he had the only copy).

So… I’m not sure what exactly to think of the think tank behind this superhero list but I do agree as a woman it’s always a nice thought of being saved by a super strong man, who knows the difference between right and wrong, and you know what else, as a former rock climber I think it would be very cool to experience what it feels like in the arms of a hot guy to — scale a tall building or to leap one in a single bound!

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