• Marc

    Great part of being a home owner, no walks of shame for me, and I try not to sleep with anyone I’d be ashamed of, I like me, so why would I do that to myself. Not that I haven’t done it…because I have, but it has been ages since it happened.

    Now, maybe having some hook ups that turn out lame, that’s a different story. Stopped dating a girl because she was absolutely horrible in the sack. Life’s too short to endure boring sex!


  • Michele

    Me and a friend went out to a club one night and met some National Guard Soldiers in town for the weekend – we immediately clicked with some of them and they invited us back to their hotel rooms for an afterparty. We kept thinking we should go home, but two of the 5 guys were so cute and we just wanted to hang out a little longer with them! So, we all piled in the car and left (7 in one car, so classy~) but the guy stopped by a neighborhood. Turned out the 2 we were interested in lived in town and were going home! So we were stuck with the other 3!

    We really didn’t know what to say, but to go along with it. Once we got to the hotel, one guy went to his room and we were left alone with the other 2. We got there, hung out for about 30 minutes, and decided to call a cab – only it was after 2am and they had shut down for the night. We were stuck. My friend was lucky and the guy who was into her was a gentleman, while I had I to fend the other one off all night it seems. By 7am, they had to be up and in uniform for training and we finally were getting a ride home. We rode the elevator down (awkward!) and headed for the lobby……..only to find about 20 other soldiers in uniform (men and women) standing along the walkway eating bagels and drinking coffee. My friend and I looked at each other, laughed and took off……the ultimate red carpet walk of shame………and we didn’t even get any action out of it!

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