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This is one of the better grooming lists I’ve seen. All I can say that my, “One Night Stand” would not have happened if he had gross body hair, spoke like a sailor, had dirty finger nails and reeked of too much aftershave…

Gentlemen take note — I’m getting a Brazilian wax this afternoon, well because I think having hair ripped out of my vagina is great, NOT! It absolute torture and I have a glass of wine before to endure it. Bottom line– it goes both ways!

Dating – Pre-Game Grooming Tips

You’ve got a date in a few days, or even a few hours, and you want to know what you can do to perform that final check down and ensure that you’re bringing your “A” game to the table, or museum, or movie, or whatever the two of you have decided to do. Proper attention to grooming and hygiene goes a long way to making or breaking your image come game time. What we’re talking about is more than a shower and shave, although that’s a good start.There is stuff you can do just prior to your date to improve your odds of making a good impression without making wholesale changes in your appearance. Just like athletes who have their pre-game rituals that they change up from time to time to improve their on-field performance (today, I will wear tall tube socks instead of short ones, three wristbands, one on my elbow, and a headband), you want to do everything you can beforehand to make sure you’re making your best impression. These little attentions-to-detail send subtle, non-verbal cues to her that you have your game together. Remember, she’s already interested in the online you; now it’s time for the “real” you to measure up.

Plus, because you never know how a day will end or where you’ll find yourself, you want to be prepared. Don’t leave these things up to chance — that’s what being a better guy is about.

The Be BetterGuy’s Guide to Good Pre-Date Grooming

* Get a hair cut. If you have to think about how long it’s been since your last cut, it’s been too long. Hey, even Steve Nash got wise, lost that co-ed hairstyle of his and picked up a more stylish look. A quick trim or cut is a good move before you two meet in person. If you don’t have a barber/stylist, ask a friend who has a style you like where he gets his hair cut. No, he won’t think you’re trying to pick him up.

* Check and trim all excess body hair. Think of this as doing to yourself what the grounds crews do right before the teams take the field. That is, make sure your “field” is in top condition. Most women we know don’t like hairless guys and we’re not suggesting full body hair removal. But if you’ve basically got a “hair shirt,” trim the hairs around your shirt neckline so you don’t have any errant follicles poking out and trying to make nice with your date. This includes nose and ear hair–especially nose and ear hair. Use either a nose hair trimmer or small, sharp scissors. Plucking will make you cry, seriously.

* It’s eyebrows, not eyebrow. If your eyebrows are merging into one and you’re bearing a striking resemblance to the Geico caveman, you have a couple of options: you can use your razor to remove the hair (the quickest way); you can remove stray hairs with tweezers, which hurts almost as much as getting a basketball to the face; or if you have a full-blown uni-brow, you’ll want to consider waxing. That’s a job for the professionals. Read More Here

  • Marc

    The whole speaking like a sailor really has nothing to do with grooming….well, maybe grooming your vocabulary, lol. I’m not super bad, but I’ve been known to drop the occasional F bomb depending on the topic. Remind me to never talk politics with you Jenn, lol.

  • Jennifer

    LOL! it’s a vibe! I supposed if he is talking like a “sailor” in a hot and steamy intimate situation, that’s different than if he says… “Get in the car b**ch..” ya know? Especially on a first or second date shows he is thinking about your feelings and being “conscious” …. When it comes to politics, that’s a whole other conversation…… 🙂 lets talk!

  • Marc

    I already know we are as opposite as as the brightest sun & the deepest darkest void of space when it comes to politics from all the Barack Hussein Obama stuff I’ve seen you post up, besides, I’m so disgusted with it all I’ve stopped keeping informed & don’t have much current information to discuss anyone. All the bickering & never getting anything done regardless of affiliation just angers me so much, it’s better for my well being if I just ignore it….even if you vote to try to change things, they just do what they want anyhow & not what you elected them to do. I wish Texas would secede & become it’s own country 😉

    As for the sailor talk, it wouldn’t be directed at my date, but probably used as descriptive language. I think thinking a word is bad is just social training. I think it’s only bad if you say it in a harmful manner. I mean, “I had a great f*&king time last night!” is totoally different than “you are a f*%king moron!” Get my drift?

  • Jennifer

    Arg! Politics…. It’s all so bad. I do agree! As I shake my head and wonder?

    I also agree it’s how the F word is used, but you know if I was bringing a guy home to meet my mom and dad for the first time, they may raise an eyebrow or two if he used the F word — as far as first impressions go.

    Every situation is different and I think regardless of what happens that you need to look at where you are and with whom your with and to be respectful of that, ya know?

    In the winter I go snowboarding a lot and on the chair lifts I have been sitting behind and or on a chair with guys in the 20’s that use the word fuck after every other word, no joke… that also makes me shake my head and wonder…. honestly as cute and young as they have been it was not sexy… at least for me.

  • Marc

    I can relate to that, but you were eavesdropping into their conversations….that or they were just being loud & showing their arses. As for meeting the parents, well, I know when to be reserved, but as for someone I date, I don’t feel I should have to hold back. Would I go dropping the F bomb in a classy restaurant? Not unless the wait staff dropped something on me by surprise, otherwise, it’s just about where you are & who you are with & what relationship you have with them….but as for a date? I’m going to be me….and ‘me’ curses like a sailor….some of the time…..but it has been something I’ve been known to cut back on if it really bothers someone. I know if I ever have kids I’ll have to REALLY cut back, lol. Can’t have those little fuckers saying fuck all the time 😉 ……..yea, that was me being funny.

  • Jennifer

    They were just being loud FUCKS! LOL!
    Always best to just use good judgment… and look at each situation with respect I think.
    And… little Marc’s running around saying “Fuck” hum… maybe that would cute.. LOL 🙂 !

  • Marc

    As long as they had my dimples, they could get away with murder…..I did! 😉

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