The Echo Effect

  • Posted on: September 26th, 2008 by

This morning two kids stopped me while I was running down the Venice Beach pier to tell me that you can hear your voice echo in the middle.

It made me think of life and the ripple effect — how everything we do leaves and imprint, even something that seems somewhat small like an echo that’s shouted into space…

Speaking of imprints… for the record I have recovered from feeling extremely used by my one-night stand, however like an echo it did have an effect on my life — a good one!

My one-night stand experience reinforced what I already know, that’s whether it’s a good or bad imprint I’m a firm believer in karma, also that it’s a very small world and to never burn a bridge, because chances are more than likely that you will bump into that person again, and when that happens I want “The Echo Effect” to feel GOOD!

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