To Bring or Not to Bring a Condom on a First Date?

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There seems to be a “First Date Sex” theme going on this week thus far, with the article I just posted on the Social Dating site and the post I’m about to post right now, perhaps it was my own recent one-night stand experience.

This being said … Always use a condom! I will admit that I have not — and in my mind it’s like pointing a gun to your head because you just never know what you can catch and who, he or she has been with… YIKES! that’s a scary thought!

This conversation about safe sex will be continued. I think it’s an important topic as singles…

I would also love to hear you own personal thoughts on safe sex.

Two guys debate whether or not to bring a condom on a first date.

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  • Marc

    Safe Sex Sucks……but you GOTTA take care of yourself first! This is one of the biggest reasons I hate one night stands! By the time you get the plastic bag out of the foil wrapper, there’s a 50/50 chance that Lil Johnny may not be standing at attention anymore, lol. Maybe I’m just uncomfortable with using them since I’ve only had to use them during the starts of relationships & then after dating the same person, we agree to stop using them. Maybe I’ll chime in more later, I’m leaving the office….

  • I went yesterday to my OBGYN and had a full panel STD test. The one-night situation I was just in made me think that he does this all the time… who knows what he could be carrying on his penis! I will go back in three months and get re-tested for HPV (it can take up to three months to show up on a pap)
    I shot a small amount of footage, I going to make a video blog about it. It’s a important issue — did you know that seniors are one of the faster growing HIV populations, because of viagra and menopause?

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