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More “Bad Date” stories from Friday’s audition… Please note that this actress is also not a member of social dating community . However at Friday’s audition she shared with us a really “Bad Date” that a friend had with a man that drove a yellow Lambrigani and took her to Hooters! YIKES!

Casting for Bad Date TV — Outtake #3

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While this actress is not a member of the social dating site. She was kind enough to share her “Bad Date” story for Bad Date TV while at her audition on Friday.

Casting for Bad Date TV — Outtake #2

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We began casting yesterday for Bad Date TV and a few of the woman were kind enough to share their real life “Bad Date” stories with us at their auditions, this actress was one of them…

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Men Are Better Than Women? What the Fu*k?

…Gentlemen take note, women do not “line-up to date guys like him!”

I came across this just moments ago, I felt the absolute need to share it — this is a “dating don’t” be like Dick Masterson ……

Love some male thoughts on what Dick Masterson has to say about women!

Men Are Better Than Women

The Sex Lives of New York Women

By Liz Funk

When Liz and I were discussing good article topics for the next few social dating site articles, I mentioned to her that I had seen Tyra Banks talking about the subject of who has more sex, L.A. women or NYC women, we both knew that this would be an interesting topic to discuss further. Thanks Liz!

As mentioned below we will be doing a podcast in a few weeks to talk further on this sexy subject and we would love any input from both L.A. women and NYC women.

A recent study by ABC News found that women in New York City have more sex than women in Los Angeles. The Bad Online Dates team went to women in these cities to verify the sex scoop.

Here’s the 411 from the New York women:

Says Ashley, a New York-based twentysomething, “New Yorkers are damn sexy, so this doesn’t really surprise me at all! Since New York tends to lean to the left in terms of politics, I feel like premarital sex and alternative forms of sexuality are accepted more than they would be down south. New York is about expression, and sex is the most basic human form of expression.” Ashley, who only has sex within the confines of a relationship, has had five major relationships and presently has a long-term boyfriend. Of their sex lives, Ashley says, “My boyfriend and I only get to see each other once a week, so when we’re together we make it count! I’d guesstimate at least three times per week and at least twelve times per month.” Ashley has some serious New York City pride: “As I said before, New Yorkers are damn sexy. The diversity of men and places to go with them are endless… As a young heterosexual woman, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”

Mia, a 27 year old New York-based 27-year-old says that her “number” is ten. She is presently in a relationship with a good sexual aspect: “I think [we have sex] maybe 4-5 times a week, it depends on both of our busy schedules traveling and working… Monthly… I’m not so sure… maybe 15.” Mia thinks that the ABC News study sounds true, mostly because of New Yorkers’ liberal approaches towards sex: “People aren’t as judgmental here and also I think men here are less likely to commit and enter long term relationships, so people are involved in more romantic entanglements over time.” Mia has a split-take on the character of New York guys: “Many men in New York are wimpsters or Wall Street drones with no souls. Ha. But the few that aren’t are usually thoughtful artists and writers…. I think dating and sex are easy to find in New York.”

Says Maggie, a twenty seven year old New Yorker, has doesn’t exactly know her number of sex partners (“I lost count years ago”). She has sex between four and fifteen times a month. “… I’m of the belief that women do have it tougher in NYC… we’re competing with and compared to model types, socialites and a bevy of other beautiful women… but at the same time… we’re pretty confident, hard working, independent women so since we don’t really need to depend on men for a relationship. I’d think most NYC women are emotionally capable of having pretty amazing sex lives…”

Says Nicole, a New York twenty three year old who is waiting for the right person to have sex, still thinks that the city is a ripe place to date. She says, “I don’t doubt that women in New York are more sexually active than women in other cities because there are so many opportunities to meet new people. New York is one of those cities where it’s a good place to do a lot of serial dating..”

The Sex Lives of L.A. Women

By Liz Funk

Another great article that Liz has penned for the articles section of the social dating site.

Thanks Liz it’s a joy to work with you.

Also as mentioned above any L.A. women or NYC women that would like to comment on this we will be doing a podcast in the next few weeks and it would be great to have your input.

Now, the Los Angeles ladies have a turn to weigh in on the recent ABC News study that reported that New York women have more sex than LA women… and it looks like the LA women give the New York women a run for their money.

F, a twenty two year old who has split her time between New York and Los Angeles for the past three years, has a dual take on the sex situation in both cities. “I’ve been in a relationship for two and a half years, going on three. We live together, so we’ve already entered our middle-aged not-tonight-honey-I’m-tired sexual period. But we manage to do it about three times a week… I’ve dated since I was thirteen, and been sexually active since I was seventeen. But this is my first serious relationship.…” And yikes! She thinks New York wins in terms of more sex for women: “Obviously, I’m not dating right now, but I can’t imagine why the guys would be better anywhere else. All the talented and adventurous ones come here, don’t they?”

K, an Los Angeles native, contradicts the results of the ABC study. She says of her number of sex partners, “A great question [but] I have no idea. Lost count in my mid twenties.”

An anonymous Los Angeles woman told us this of her sex partners count: “43/15… And forty-three is my age…”

Says another anonymous L.A. woman, “I’m the big 4-0, and the magic number is 10 (even though I would deny a few if asked to name names).”

Says Allie, “an older twentysomething” who has lived in Los Angeles for three years, “I get the sense that Los Angeles has a pretty good dating scene. I think it’s easier to meet guys and get dates in LA. The guys are interesting and good looking and polished. I like them a lot better than the guys in New York.” Her number? She won’t say. “It’s not too big and it’s not too small. I have just enough fingers to count it.”

Another L.A.-based woman, who joked that she and her friends tried to come up with their “numbers” a little while ago, has a ball-park idea on her number. “I’m going to say 50ish—how gross is that?”

Says another anonymous Los Angeles woman, “By the names of people, and husbands, I came up with 25. The one night stands I had in my 20 was about thirty… Ouch…..never really thought about it! So from 25-39 I’ve had about 55…… I do miss being a slut! Starting after my last divorce, I was only with about five people in two and a half years….”

So, what’s the moral of the story here? Clearly, women in both of these high-achieving, high-energy cities enjoy sex and have a lot of it. Maybe these women’s passion isn’t really something that can be quantified… because it looks like all the gals are having a good time!

“She’s a Keeper!” From MSN Relationships

Men share how and when they realized that the woman they were with was something special.
By Kristin Bailey Murphy

It happens to most men sooner or later: He’s dating someone, things are going well, then… wham! The woman does something small and seemingly inconsequential that makes him fall for her, hard. What, you may be asking yourself, is that special element that changes his thinking from “She’s fun” to “She’s The One?” Well, it turns out men are more than happy to walk down memory lane and reveal those pivotal moments—and Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D., dating expert and author of The Cure for the Common Life, explains what women everywhere can learn from their stories!

“She got my weird sense of humor”
The case history: “Not long after we’d begun dating, Anneli unexpectedly showed up on the set of a short film I was making. The scene we were shooting was… how can I put it? A little bit crude. I’ve dated girls that have been kind of uptight about stuff I think is hysterical, so after the scene was over I didn’t know what to expect. I was relieved — and kind of surprised — to see that it made her laugh. In fact, she was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face and she could barely breathe. That’s when I knew I had a good one. Two months later I proposed.”
—Matt Ballard, 35, New York, NY; married to Anneli for two years

Love lesson learned: A shared sense of humor is essential
Let’s face it: No matter how much you love someone, your life together will get dull if you can’t laugh your way through it. “Choosing someone who is not rigid and who can let go with a good belly laugh, especially over the same things you find funny, is a win-win situation,” says Dr. Cardinal. “It ensures you’ll have an animated, lively life.” And how great is it to know your mate finds you fun and entertaining? In other words, she gets you!

“She challenged me to do the right thing”
The case history: “I knew Marianne was The One when she encouraged me to work through a tough situation I was having with a co-worker. She allowed me to vent but also challenged me to see things from another perspective and not take the easy way out and ignore the situation, which was my impulse. Because of her influence, I was able to approach my co-worker and get a better understanding of where he was coming from. After that I knew Marianne would never be someone who walked behind me, but someone who would always stand next to me.”
—Ken Kish, 33, San Clemente, CA; married to Marianne for six years

Love lesson learned: Disagreements can help you grow closer
It’s easy to unconditionally support someone’s every decision. Challenge your date to live up to certain standards, though, and you’ll gain even more points by showing you’ve got a backbone—and that he or she will become a better person as a result. “Anyone who encourages you to face a challenge is more likely to be a consistent, predictable partner—and one who realizes that unless you grow, you both get held back,” says Dr. Cardinal.

Read Full Article Here

Just Show Up Naked With Some Beers…

That’s what one of the guys in this video said …. Also I really like the guy who says “I don’t buy my wife anything for Valentine’s Day, I just do stuff around the house.” Need I say anything more here?

Fellas most of us girls like a bit of romance in our lives…

Romance 911!
Paging Dr. Don Juan! Steven Fabian takes his “That’s What He Said” topics to the street to find out what guys think about love and romance. We found some women to give their take as well.

What is the Best First Date Activity?


Thanks Liz! You rock — your article has fantastic dating tid-bits!

  First dates can be nerve-wracking: what do you wear? For your greeting, do you shake hands, hug, or kiss on the cheek? What if you get salad stuck in your teeth? What if you say something stupid?

Well, first and foremost, the key to a good first date is not getting swallowed up by one’s nerves and using that nervous energy as intuitive energy! But there are also some proactive steps one can take to make the date easier, the foremost one being having a great first date activity!

  Frankie, a twenty-one year old from California and New York recommends sushi. She says, “Sushi is absolutely the perfect date food. It’s a very sexy food, it doesn’t make a mess, it doesn’t leave you feeling full or sick, and it gives you an energy buzz that will come in very handy later on. And sushi restaurants are great places to go on a date, because they’re so quiet, you can actually TALK. But what if you don’t like sushi? Then I don’t want to go on a date with you!”

  For the first date, go “Somewhere you can talk… museum, ice cream, coffee shop, lounge, walk in the park or on the beach, dinner,” recommends Mia, a twenty seven year old New Yorker. Maggie, a twenty seven year old New Yorker recommends drinks for the first date; similarly, Alex, a “twentysomething” from Buffalo, New York, recommends a casual coffee or lunch. Nicole, a twenty one year old from Manhattan recommends something romantic and artsy like “a museum or gallery.”

  For the second date, Mia recommends a “movie, comedy show, clubbing, concert or fun activity out to see what the person is like socially. Nicole, 21, also recommends seeing a “movie, play or concert” together. Maggie recommends drinks again, whereas Alex from Buffalo wants her date to be in charge of planning the second date: “It gives me a better idea of how he views things. Like, if he decides and he wants us to go somewhere laid-back where maybe his friends would be, maybe he thinks we could just be friends, whereas if he wants to go out to dinner just us, he probably wants to get to know me a little better.”

  Nicole recommends sitting down for dinner by the third date to get a better sense of the future of the relationship. Similarly, Mia thinks that the third date is when dates should become a little more intense. She thinks couples should go “somewhere else you can talk and really get to know if you should keep spending time together…” Maggie, the twenty-seven year old New Yorker echoes Mia’s sentiment: “Finally by the third date, I’d go to dinner with my date… in my opinion… I make up my mind by the third date if I can tolerate sitting across from this person… plus by that time, you’ve established good enough rapport to carry out the conversation across dinner…”

  On any date, Frankie recommends making use of one’s location for the date and walking around the cool neighborhoods or seeing the sights in one’s town or city. Says Frankie on the topic of dating in New York City, “You’d have to be retarded not to take advantage of New York’s walkability. Really, it doesn’t matter where you walk — Central Park, the river, Coney Island, Greenwich Village, Chinatown. You can walk anywhere for free, at any time of day, and it’s romantic wherever you go. That’s what makes New York unique.”

  And ditto for San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and every city in between. Instant first date activities, from coast to coast!

Liz Funk is the author of the forthcoming book Supergirls Speak Out: Inside the Secret Crisis of Overachieving Girls.

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