The Sex Lives of L.A. Women

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By Liz Funk

Another great article that Liz has penned for the articles section of the social dating site.

Thanks Liz it’s a joy to work with you.

Also as mentioned above any L.A. women or NYC women that would like to comment on this we will be doing a podcast in the next few weeks and it would be great to have your input.

Now, the Los Angeles ladies have a turn to weigh in on the recent ABC News study that reported that New York women have more sex than LA women… and it looks like the LA women give the New York women a run for their money.

F, a twenty two year old who has split her time between New York and Los Angeles for the past three years, has a dual take on the sex situation in both cities. “I’ve been in a relationship for two and a half years, going on three. We live together, so we’ve already entered our middle-aged not-tonight-honey-I’m-tired sexual period. But we manage to do it about three times a week… I’ve dated since I was thirteen, and been sexually active since I was seventeen. But this is my first serious relationship.…” And yikes! She thinks New York wins in terms of more sex for women: “Obviously, I’m not dating right now, but I can’t imagine why the guys would be better anywhere else. All the talented and adventurous ones come here, don’t they?”

K, an Los Angeles native, contradicts the results of the ABC study. She says of her number of sex partners, “A great question [but] I have no idea. Lost count in my mid twenties.”

An anonymous Los Angeles woman told us this of her sex partners count: “43/15… And forty-three is my age…”

Says another anonymous L.A. woman, “I’m the big 4-0, and the magic number is 10 (even though I would deny a few if asked to name names).”

Says Allie, “an older twentysomething” who has lived in Los Angeles for three years, “I get the sense that Los Angeles has a pretty good dating scene. I think it’s easier to meet guys and get dates in LA. The guys are interesting and good looking and polished. I like them a lot better than the guys in New York.” Her number? She won’t say. “It’s not too big and it’s not too small. I have just enough fingers to count it.”

Another L.A.-based woman, who joked that she and her friends tried to come up with their “numbers” a little while ago, has a ball-park idea on her number. “I’m going to say 50ish—how gross is that?”

Says another anonymous Los Angeles woman, “By the names of people, and husbands, I came up with 25. The one night stands I had in my 20 was about thirty… Ouch…..never really thought about it! So from 25-39 I’ve had about 55…… I do miss being a slut! Starting after my last divorce, I was only with about five people in two and a half years….”

So, what’s the moral of the story here? Clearly, women in both of these high-achieving, high-energy cities enjoy sex and have a lot of it. Maybe these women’s passion isn’t really something that can be quantified… because it looks like all the gals are having a good time!

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