The Sex Lives of New York Women

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By Liz Funk

When Liz and I were discussing good article topics for the next few social dating site articles, I mentioned to her that I had seen Tyra Banks talking about the subject of who has more sex, L.A. women or NYC women, we both knew that this would be an interesting topic to discuss further. Thanks Liz!

As mentioned below we will be doing a podcast in a few weeks to talk further on this sexy subject and we would love any input from both L.A. women and NYC women.

A recent study by ABC News found that women in New York City have more sex than women in Los Angeles. The Bad Online Dates team went to women in these cities to verify the sex scoop.

Here’s the 411 from the New York women:

Says Ashley, a New York-based twentysomething, “New Yorkers are damn sexy, so this doesn’t really surprise me at all! Since New York tends to lean to the left in terms of politics, I feel like premarital sex and alternative forms of sexuality are accepted more than they would be down south. New York is about expression, and sex is the most basic human form of expression.” Ashley, who only has sex within the confines of a relationship, has had five major relationships and presently has a long-term boyfriend. Of their sex lives, Ashley says, “My boyfriend and I only get to see each other once a week, so when we’re together we make it count! I’d guesstimate at least three times per week and at least twelve times per month.” Ashley has some serious New York City pride: “As I said before, New Yorkers are damn sexy. The diversity of men and places to go with them are endless… As a young heterosexual woman, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”

Mia, a 27 year old New York-based 27-year-old says that her “number” is ten. She is presently in a relationship with a good sexual aspect: “I think [we have sex] maybe 4-5 times a week, it depends on both of our busy schedules traveling and working… Monthly… I’m not so sure… maybe 15.” Mia thinks that the ABC News study sounds true, mostly because of New Yorkers’ liberal approaches towards sex: “People aren’t as judgmental here and also I think men here are less likely to commit and enter long term relationships, so people are involved in more romantic entanglements over time.” Mia has a split-take on the character of New York guys: “Many men in New York are wimpsters or Wall Street drones with no souls. Ha. But the few that aren’t are usually thoughtful artists and writers…. I think dating and sex are easy to find in New York.”

Says Maggie, a twenty seven year old New Yorker, has doesn’t exactly know her number of sex partners (“I lost count years ago”). She has sex between four and fifteen times a month. “… I’m of the belief that women do have it tougher in NYC… we’re competing with and compared to model types, socialites and a bevy of other beautiful women… but at the same time… we’re pretty confident, hard working, independent women so since we don’t really need to depend on men for a relationship. I’d think most NYC women are emotionally capable of having pretty amazing sex lives…”

Says Nicole, a New York twenty three year old who is waiting for the right person to have sex, still thinks that the city is a ripe place to date. She says, “I don’t doubt that women in New York are more sexually active than women in other cities because there are so many opportunities to meet new people. New York is one of those cities where it’s a good place to do a lot of serial dating..”

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