How NOT to react when you get dumped

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By Judy McGuire

(The Frisky) — Just as there are myriad ways to screw up breaking someone’s heart, the possibilities for botching a breakup on the other end are limitless. Every person needs to learn a lesson or two about being dumped with dignity.
How NOT to react when you get dumped

Here are some behaviors to avoid so you won’t compound your heartache with a total loss of self respect:

1. Attempting to argue him out of it

Breakups don’t have to be unanimous decisions, nor are they court battles that you can “win” by presenting your case. Listing your attributes and insisting he’ll never do better than you is just sad. Besides, is that a fight you really want to win? “You know what, honey? I see the light. I’m a big loser and will never meet anyone better than you. Let’s kiss and makeup.” Er, no.

2. Begging

This is what happens after you lose the argument, and he sticks to his guns and shows you to the curb anyway. Begging is really, really bad. Don’t do it. You’re better than that. Even if you actually aren’t better than that, pretend you are. Honestly, if he does take you back after you’ve grabbed onto his ankles and not let go, he’s the kind of sadist you’re better off without.

3. Throwing the loud, dramatic, public scene

The only time pitching a giant public fit is acceptable is if he’s the brand of weasel who drags you out to a restaurant only to ditch you, figuring you won’t screech and cry if you’re surrounded by people. In that case, he definitely deserves a plate of spaghetti carbonara to the face. But if you collapse in heaving sighs and shrieking recriminations upon running into him in the grocery store, make it a point to avoid going anywhere that he might be found until you’re over it. Because along with embarrassing him, you’re making a fool of yourself.

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