Top Five Tips for Finding Love (or, at least, Fun!) on Bad Online Dates, from Bad Online Dates CEO Jennifer Kelton

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By Liz Funk

Bad Online Dates CEO Jennifer Kelton, a California-based new media whiz, wants to give you a rousing welcome to the Bad Online Dates community… and she wants to make sure that you have the best experience with her brainchild, Bad Online Dates (endearingly abbreviated: “BOLD”). “The premise of Bad Online Dates (and the tagline!) is that you’re not alone,”Jennifer Kelton says. “When you have bad dates, it makes you feel unloved, it makes you feel like you don’t have companionship, and it makes you feel unsafe. I believe that we’re hardwired in a way that makes it so we all want to feel loved, we all want to feel companionship, and we all want to feel safe. We have all had at least one experience of going on a bad date, so here is a safe place to go on the Internet and find people right for you! This is a site run by a woman who is passionate about keeping it safe, and we can all bond over our bad dates.”

Jennifer’s Top Five Tips for Finding Success Friends—and Maybe Even Love!—on Bad Online Dates:

1. Create a great profile.
– Be creative and make your profile all your own! There are tons of ways you can customize and let your personality shine through!

2. Use a real picture of yourself.
– Don’t use some whacked out avatar with flowers or hearts. Find a flattering (realistic) photo of you, so you’ll attract people who find you irrestistible.

3. Be sure to tell your Worst Date story in your profile.
– Post some pictures, some links you like, or tell a bad date story on the blog. You can even post video of yourself talking about your worst date. This is the common thread for everyone on the site, so use it to your advantage!

4. Reach out to the other members.
Bad Online Dates has a new virtual date feature that allows you to go on a live, virtual date with other users. It’s like Second Life: you choose an avatar and you can meet your date, blow kisses, and even touch each other with your avatars. It’s a safe environment where you’ve had a common experience, and you can go on this low-pressure virtual date, and then you can take it from there!

5. Don’t be nervous!
– It’s a social dating site. The site is set up with the pictures, audio, video, and blogging, to keep things as relaxed and approachable as possible, so it’s more like you’re meeting someone at a bar or a yoga class or the supermarket. This is more like a Myspace or a Facebook place to meet, except you know that everyone else on the site is single-and-looking, too! But you’re meeting on a much more casual level than Bad Online Datesis a hybrid of all the other social networking/dating sites out here—it’s a combination of the best aspects of the other sites out there, minus the pressure, the fees, and the fundamentalist values!

Finally, keep in mind that Bad Online Dates is still a very young site. We did a relaunch on July 17th that freshened up the look and the features that will attract new members, but in the meantime, don’t be discouraged by the size of the site. Keep checking back because there are always things in the pipeline that are going to be creating a lot of growth in terms of new members.

(Also, don’t freak out if you see a spammer. The Bad Online Dates team is militant about spammers. Of course they sneak through, but when spammers are identified, the offending account is deleted immediately.)

With new reasons to come by the site every day, Bad Online Dates is poised to be the hottest place for singles on the web, so keep signing in to see the new faces and create new relationships out of your old bad online dates… with Bad Online Dates!

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