Cougar Den AKA Women Seeking Younger Men

This is extremely funny via SNL about cougar dating oh the life of a urban cougar!

Cougar Den
Saturday Night Live
Excerpt (s.34 : ep.17)|06:03|
The cougars are on the prowl for young men.

Every Single Way to Satisy Your Man

‘Cosmopolitan’ Institute Completes Decades-Long Study On How To Please Your Man
Onion News Network
Web Exclusive|01:58|
Cosmo scientists have finally cataloged every single way to satisfy your man’s carnal cravings by stimulating his secret sex zones.

Sex and love humor at it’s best. This is funny!

Dating, Hope Sex and Sexy Vacation Flings


Last week I went snowboarding and I met a super cute sexy guy while hanging out at the hotel bar, there was for sure some sexual chemistry going on, however I was there in the mountains on a mission purely to ride and decompress from what had been an extremely stressful past four weeks which meant that a sexy vacation fling aka one night stand with super cute sexy guy was not on the snowboarding vacation agenda.

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Dating Rules: Who Should Pay and When


This is a fantastic dating article that has honest dating tips and relationship advice about dating and money…

… Which at times can be a very touchy subject (shameless plug) and I just so happen to be quoted below.

Judy it’s always my pleasure to give you input.

By Judy McGuire

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I just posted two brand new articles on Bad Online Dates called Quiz: Are You a Graceful Date? How to Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected When Faced with the Unexpected on a Date and Bride Wars and Sexist Stereotypes.

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Finding love on the Internet can be a challenge!
It doesn’t have to be — take Internet dating to the next level!

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Do Soul Mates Exist?

Relationship advisor Dr. Gail Saltz says the idea of “The One” soul mate is a romantic notion, ingrained in us by fairy tales and Hollywood — but that there are probably several…

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Uncomfortable Topics…

Host Andrea Syrtash discusses such topics that come up when dating as who should pay on the first date, breaking up, ending dates, and the follow up after a date that you may not want to see again.

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Pucker up: Scientists Study Kissing


While reading the morning news on I found this article about kissing — interesting stuff.

I will say for myself that kissing can be even more intimate than having sex…

By Elizabeth Landau

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Profile Pic Impostures!


Great advice from guest blogger Shantelle – Yes, I agree 100% keep it real!

By Shantelle Y. Taylor (Pictured above – She is a babe!)

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