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Finding love on the Internet can be a challenge!
It doesn’t have to be — take Internet dating to the next level!

Omnidate’s Virtual Dating feature on allows users to interact in a new online dating experience through avatars in real time.

Omnidate’s Virtual Dating has been recently seen and featured in such places as: CBS News, MSNBC, NBC News, and the Discovery ChannelOmnidate is also the winner of the Global Red Herring Winner 100 Winner for 2008.

And I’m trilled to have teamed up with them to further the experience of finding love online!

Back in late November, 2008 — quietly announced to the dating community the addition of this exciting new site feature while joining dating forces with Omnidate to empower the dating community and to help end streaks of bad dates by providing the next level to Internet dating that allows singles to interact in a safe real time environment.

As a member you can go on a ‘virtual date’ online in places such as a café, bar or beach resort. The avatars will even show emotions and move such as laughing, smiling, winking or holding hands.

(I know I have had a fantastic time testing ‘virtual dating’ myself with one of the founders Ravit, if she was not married and a woman I would have asked her out.)

In the pipeline — currently while you are now using avatars, that will soon change, software is being developed that will automatically convert an uploaded photo of yourself into an online avatar for a more realistic image of you and your date…

Enough said if you have not checked out the new site feature yet or signed up as a new member here is a great reason why…

*Researchers at Harvard and Duke showed that couples who go on virtual dates before a face-to-face date are two times more likely to say that they would go on a second date with a person.

“Virtual dating doesn’t create these unrealistic expectations based on ambiguous profile postings,” said Dan Airely of Duke University, a co-author of the study “It’s like getting to take a bite of an apple, instead of having someone tell you what an apple is supposed to taste like.”
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Warmest regards and to Happy Dating!

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