Dating Don’ts: How Not to Help Heal a Broken Heart


As mentioned in the past, I absolutely adore Judy McGuire and was quoted here in one of her latest articles.

By Judy McGuire

While watching your buddy cry her eyes out over some unworthy jerk isn’t nearly as painful as getting the heave-ho yourself, it’s still difficult. Most of us want to help our BFFs through breakups, but what do you say? Or, more importantly, what shouldn’t you say?

For the love of the sisterhood, even if it’s true, don’t tell her how awesome her ex looks or how happy he seems. Either forget you ever ran into him or lie.

1. Now is not the time to tell her how much you always hated him—but never bothered to tell her. Jennifer Kelton, CEO and founder of, had one pal who told her, “I have a friend who dated your ex years ago—and she had absolutely nothing nice to say about him.” When asked why she didn’t share this information earlier, her friend told her, “You seemed so happy.” Your job is to pass the Kleenex and buy the beer—not make her feel like an idiot for having dated him in the first place.

2. Even worse are the friends who remind you of every snippy thing you ever said about your ex. Carly S. went through this with one of her friends: “If you’re my friend, you’d better listen to me complain about boys and not throw it back in my face later!” Exactly. Sure, you may have complained about his snoring or eating beef jerky for breakfast, but there were plenty of other things you really liked about the big lug.

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How to Talk Dirty in Bed Without Feeling Stupid

So you want to talk dirty in bed but you don’t know how? The host of HBO’s The Sex Inspectors gives a hilarious but informative how-to.

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Bad Date TV: Pictures from 3-25-09

Pictures while shooting yesterday in Hollywood, CA for the next episodes of Bad Date TV.


































10 Totally Bizarre Sex Laws


This is great! Via the

Laws are supposed to protects us, but when the government decides to get in our pants, some crazy stuff goes down! Here are some actual sex laws truly for the record books!

1. In Bakersfield, California, if you’re going to have sex with Satan, you’ve gotta use a condom. And definitely come up with a safe word!

2. Poking a porcupine is illegal in Florida. But apparently that law didn’t go far enough. Just a couple weeks ago, State Senator Nan Rich submitted a bill that would ban peeps in the Sunshine State from being able to stick it in where the sun don’t shine on any animal.

3. In Minnesota, it’s illegal for any slime bucket to hook up with a live fish. Don’t worry disinterested wives, a cold fish is still a-okay!

4. In Dyersburg, Tennessee, it is illegal for a lady to call a gentleman for a date. Clearly no one in that town is getting laid!

5. In Merryville, Missouri, no woman can waste her natural waist. Wearing a corset is illegal because “the privilege of admiring the curvaceous, unencumbered body of a young woman should not be denied to the normal, red-blooded American male.” No wonder it’s called the “Show Me State!”

6. It’s illegal to purchase sex toys in Alabama. This law can beat it!

7. In Washington State, it’s totally legal to eff an animal like an animal, as long as it weighs less than 40 lbs. What, fatty farm pets don’t deserve some love?

8. While most would argue that this is place where the people get screwed many different ways, in Washington D.C., engaging in any sexual position other than missionary is illegal.

9. In Massachusetts, you cannot recklessly consummate your love with a rodeo clown while the horses are still around. But seriously, there’s a reason for the expression “hung like a horse.” I doubt the animal would get jealous!

10. The biggest internet porn consuming state, Utah, gets freaky in their laws too. Sex with an animal is totally cool, unless you’re doing it for cold hard cash! Hey, why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free!

Not Your Average Dating Advice

Ron Geraci, dating expert and author of The Bachelor Chronicles, lists his “Humble Pleas from a Single American Man” – 5 things that women should start or stop doing on dates.

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Sex Humor: Big Ben Mounts What?

I took this picture over the weekend….
As a single women — I do have to wonder if the owner of this company is “in on the joke” here?
Also written on the truck it said “Same Day Service.”


Dating Humor: The Best of Bad Date Betty – Bad Date TV Outtakes Presents Bad Date TV.

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Online Dating Red Flags

Good advice from YourTango.

Worried that special online buddy isn’t everything he says he is? Know these simple but important facts about online dating…

LoveFeed is YourTango’s daily round-up of love, sex and relationship news and trends.

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Chad Vader Blogs About His Girlfriend

Even Chad Vader has dating and girlfriend issues….

The Bad Date TV Logo…

Has landed — I just downloaded it.
Also be on the lookout for new episodes of Bad Date TV with the best of Bad Date Ben and Bad Date Betty coming this month, and a whole new round of Bad Date TV episodes starting in April.


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