Are Men Intimidated By Independent Women?

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Nightmare Dating Stories

Coffee Date – Bikini Baristas Busted for Prostitution

This brings a whole new meaning to  the phrases: coffee date, grab and  go, or would you like sugar and cream in your coffee?

Bikini Baristas Busted for Prostitution

5 First-Date Turn-Offs From Men

Men reveal what to do and what not to do on a first date.

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Date Song Pick of the Week: The Yardbirds – For Your Love (1965)

The Yardbirds – For Your Love (1965)

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Date Check – iPhone App – Is This Too Much Information?

Intelius Date Check Fall Demo 09 Reel

I’m 100% for safety and not wasting your time with a loser — but how much information is too much information?

Love to get feedback on this!

Unfaithful Woman Seeks A Second Chance


Unfaithful woman seeks 2nd chance by wearing sign

OK, yes cheating is not a cool and a bad thing to do… However you gotta give Jess Duttry, 19 in Ohio props for finding a creative way to get a second chance with her man!

SANDUSKY, Ohio—An Ohio woman who said she was unfaithful has chosen a very public way of asking her boyfriend not to break up their engagement. Jess Duttry, 19, stood outside a supermarket parking lot in northern Ohio this week with a handwritten sign that said “I cheated” and “Honk if I deserve a second chance.” On the back, Duttry had scrawled, “I honestly love him.”

She said she choose to stage her vigil Wednesday evening after her fiance took back his ring earlier that day when she confessed she’d cheated on him this summer.

It’s not clear if he saw the message, but Duttry said dozens of people honked, and some got out of their cars to hug her and wish her well.

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Pilot Allegedly Buzzed Ex-Girlfriend’s House


This story brings a whole new meaning to the word “stalker.”

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Dating Don’ts: Know Your Textiquette


By:Judy McGuire

Texting has become as ubiquitous as the cell phones that birthed them, but what is it doing to our love lives? Can you imagine what a different movie “Casablanca” would be if, instead of suavely growling, “Here’s looking at you, kid,” Rick instead texted Ilsa:

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How to Escape a Bad Date – Be Gracious

Ask a Spy – Escaping a Bad Date

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