Sex, Skype and Technology – Part 1

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By Jennifer Kelton

As I write this, the Internet is approximately only 27 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 12 hours, and 31 minutes old.

That’s younger than some of the guys I’ve dated.

However the human race goes back hundreds of thousands of years. So, I suppose certain aspects of the male mind and penis along with the convergence of technology should not shock me that much, or at all.

Just think, as humans we would have never evolved if the male had not ventured out to spread his testosterone, furry and sex fueled seed…

Bottom line — It’s how we are hardwired. But does hardwiring mean flashing your penis all over the Internet?

Which brings me to the fact that every time I use Skype I’m flashed numerous times.

While all the penis pictures are “perfect penises” — I have to admit that if any of them where in my bedroom I would not have kicked it out based on the size, shape, etc.

However, who is behind that penis? And by the way I find it really interesting that they are all perfect penises. Really, what are the odds?

Back in the 90’s aka the Stone Age when my newest boyfriend and I were back in the cave eating his most recent dinosaur kill after dragging me around by my long hair and having hot unbridled sex. NOT!

OK, back to reality. In the 90’s I was a member of Great Expectations a way to meet other singles. Before Internet dating, you actually had to have a “real” picture in a hard book and drive (yes, I said drive) to the location and look through books (yes, I said book and not a kindle or an iPad). I never saw a penis picture there.

I also remember dating through the L.A. Weekly where much of the connection was with snail mail (no naked pictures were sent) and a hard line phone (there was no camera). And if you were getting really crazy there were chat boards that you could access via dial-up and with a special number that you could get out of the Recycler Newspaper (and you had to buy the newspaper).

I met a good number of men in all of these places and never once did I see an unsolicited penis.

At times I miss the good old days…

To be continued.

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