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Stuck on a Bad Date? There’s an App for That!

The BadOnlineDates iPhone App has got your back because we understand there are some moments that are so special – you need to share them in real time with someone who’s in the online dating trenches with you.

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Disaster On Heels: 3 Quick Tips To Landing A Worthy Suitress


Dear Disaster,
What advice do you have for a non serial killer, relatively clean, disease free, attractive and bored guy to meet women worthy of me?

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Date Song Pick of the Week: Tom Jones – She’s a Lady

Tom Jones – She’s a Lady

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Bad Date TV Shoot: Los Angeles, CA 5-21-10


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Peril of the Week – The Bad Date


By Julie Spira aka The

What makes a date a bad date?

If you ask my friend and neighbor,  Jennifer Kelton, she’ll point you to her terrific site Bad Online Dates. On her site, you can post those dates you had hoped would go well, that ended in the category of a dating disaster. At Cyber-Dating Expert, we feature the Peril of the Week. This time, I thought I’d add in a personal story of my own, along with some dating advice to prevent you from ending up with a date gone bad.

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The Worst Date Contest – It’s OK To Laugh!

Yes, we know, dating can be frustrating. It can be qualified with many different adjectives actually: frustrating, scary, surprising, lovely, horrible, hilarious, etc. But, one thing we also know about dating is that it is an experience, a real life experience, and as any experience, there is good, bad and very funny ones! changed the game and introduced a new way of approaching online dating. Sure, it’s okay to look, but more importantly it’s okay to laugh!

Did you ever thought that one of your date story was worthy enough to be told to the whole world? Well, now is your chance: Introducing the Worst Date Contest!


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Date Song Pick of the Week: Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

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How To Vent About Your Next Bad Online Date


By Lauren Indvik at

Ever had such a bad date that venting to your friends just wasn’t satisfying enough? Well, you might want to check out

The world of online dating is exciting, ridiculous, comical and sometimes depressing. No matter how carefully you screen your dates, veterans know that you’re going to eventually end up with a bad one. Still, if you’re fortunate, you’ll end up with at least a few hilarious stories. is a social networking site for online singles to share, laugh and commiserate about their awful dating experiences. Users can set up individual blogs, join chat rooms, and post photos and videos.

Recently, the site launched a free iPhone app [iTunes link], perfect for not only venting about your bad date while you take yet another long bathroom break, but theoretically for getting advice from other members of the site while you’re out and about.

You’ll have to be patient, though, as the only way to communicate with others on the app is by posting to your blog; chat features have not yet been integrated.

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There’s an App for That?

iphone_banner_new red copy Launches an iPhone App, Giving Online Daters the Virtual Wingman They Need.

(I-Newswire) May 12, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA – May 12th 2010. introduces the BadOnlinedates iPhone App; your virtual wingman. And yes. There is an App for that!

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Technology Does Not Erase the Human Heart


By Jessica Downey

Technology has become a convenient way to do many things. You can quickly text a friend to let them know you are running late if you are on a crowded noisy bus. If you forgot to send an email before you left the house to go out of town you can do it while you are waiting at the airport. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are equally awesome. Where else can you get news, talk to people from across the globe, and get in touch with people you haven’t seen in years?

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