Conversations Spawned – To Use or Not to Use

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By Jennifer Kelton and By Jessica Downey

(Insert the sound of crackling old radio here.) You never know what will be spawned from just one simple question. And that’s exactly what evolved from Two Women, Two Cities, One Question. We have decided to do a follow-up, a highlight reel of sorts, from our freshly sharpened pencil and Lois Lane style reporting on dating and mating straight from the street. It is here where we will highlight some of the conversations spawned.

Los Angeles

1. Guy #2 – He went on to talk for quite awhile about his obsessive and neurotic qualities. (Apparently he just does not JUST “brush his teeth a lot.”)
2. Girl #5 – I asked her if by “creating her own story that meant that she did not have to worry about germs.” She laughed really hard and said yes!
3. Guy #14 & Girl #15 – They talked about “how that had just happened last night.”
4. Guy #17 – Not only did he tell me about “how he does not use a toothbrush.” He then proceeded to hit on me in front of his wife. Not cool!
5. Guy #22 & Girl #36 – They ended up having a whole conversation about lesbians behind the bar, then went on the ask the toothbrush question to the other female bartender


1. Girl #2 – After talking to others she chimed in about how she didn’t think it was a big deal to not brush at all since there were many times she’s fallen asleep alone after a night of drinking without brushing her teeth
2. Guy #3 – He talked about how his friend has a whole drawer of toothbrushes but how he wasn’t sure if that was why. I mentioned how I usually had a couple extra toothbrushes in the drawer in college, but only if they came in packages of two or more of course.
3. Girl #7 – She talked about how she watches a lot of news shows and mentioned one that gave an inside look into a fast food restaurant. She saw some “not so appetizing things” which was part of the reasoning for her answer.
4. Girl # 8 – After she said no she then said even if she was dating the guy it would really depend on what it looked like. If it looked new she would use it but if not she probably never would. She then told a story about how once in college she used her roommates toothbrush but then found out someone had dropped it in the toilet – she said “I think I am scarred for life.”
5. Girl #20 – She mentioned how actually it’s more about the toothpaste and it took her longer to adjust to that than actually using her boyfriend’s toothbrush.
6. Guy #22 – When he said he would wait until he went home the next morning I asked what he would do if he had something important to do. He replied that he would just stop some place and buy some gum or mints. Girl #23 then said if she had something important to do she wouldn’t be staying there in the first place.

*Be on the lookout September 7th for the next Two Woman, Two Cites, One Question blog post.

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