Question #2 Hair! Hair! Long Flowing Hair?

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By Jennifer Kelton and By Jessica Downey

(Insert the sound of crackling old radio here.) You never know what will be spawned from just one simple question. And that’s exactly what evolved from Two Women, Two Cities, One Question. We have decided to do a follow-up, a highlight reel of sorts, from our freshly sharpened pencil and Lois Lane style reporting on dating and mating straight from the street. It is here where we will highlight some of the conversations spawned.

Los Angeles:

1. Guy #1 – He went on to tell me, in his dignified English accent, about how his secretary talks about the men that she’s been with. They are all in their 30’s and all of them “are completely shaved.” She has said that she has never been with a man that wasn’t and that they all watch porn.

2. Guy #12 – After talking for three hours at the swanky Beverly Hills hotel bar he then asked me to his hotel room. I said “no.” He is married….

3. Girl #17 – “I used to sell my used underwear for $80.00. I would by them for $5.00. $75.00 is a good profit margin.”

4. Guy #18 – “The outside is different from the inside, most people look at each other from the outside not the inside. It’s the inside that matters, what’s in your heart.”

5. Guy # 19 – There are a lot of circumstances here. He went on for a good amount of time about each of the different types of women he would sleep with. He finds women on “free” dating sites to have no strings attached sex with.


1. Guy #1 – Said “but you know that type before you see her in a tank – you know the bohemian type. I am a very clean shaven man. I keep up the visible hair that is needed to be a man but the rest has got to go.”

2. Guy #3 – when I asked about the normal spots for a woman to have hair, he said “you know the arms and the head. Well certain parts of the head. If she had a mustache the crush would be gone as well.”

3. Girl #5 – when I asked why the crush would be gone she said “when I am with non-hairy guys it makes me feel weird. I want a man, if I wanted to be with a woman I would be a lesbian. It’s kind of like a man being with a really hairy woman, it’s just not right.”

4. Guy #8 – I asked what he would do if his date showed up looking elegant but was too hairy. He replied “I would eat dinner with her like a gentleman but end the evening early and never call her again.”

5. Girl #10 – She said that she had a whole hair conversation with the guy she is engaged to on their first date and then took him home to be sure that he wasn’t lying about being totally hairless. “He wasn’t.”

6. Girl #14 – Commented that “I am a girl and there are obvious differences between men and women. I am not saying I agree with all of them, but that’s the way it is. Right?”

7. Guy #16 – Said that “in my day we didn’t worry so much about this stuff.” Then went on to talk about how porn ruins everything.

8. Guy #23 – After he told me he wasn’t a hairy guy he asked me if I wanted to see and then went on to talk about some girls he dated that were not hairy. And there was one that was and he paid for her to get all of her hair removed.

*Be on the lookout in October for the next Two Woman, Two Cites, One Question post and Conversations Spawned.

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