Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender – Cleavage Calling?

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Does a skimpy dress attract more men?
By Jack Elliot

“What should I wear?” she thinks hours before the big night out as she desperately rifles through her dresser, her roommates dresser, her closet, even the dryer in search for that elusive, perfect, classically sexy outfit- not too conservative, not too trashy, not too flashy, but just perfect. Not satisfied with any of her creations and combinations or mixes and matches and with time now becoming scarce, she begins to seriously ponder the incredibly skimpy black dress she bought on a whim the other day, the type of dress she usually never wears and would never show her mother, now conspicuously eyeing her down from its hanger. Should see throw it on and run out the door and make it out on time for once… or should she continue her frantic search for the outfit. Of course, she would prefer the classic Audrey-Hepburn-got-nothing- on-me outfit, but given the fact that time is running out and that she was late last weekend, the black dress triumphs.

Dressed to the nines, she heads out, not thinking too much about the repercussions of her decision. But what are the repercussions? Are there benefits to skimpy? Are there disadvantages to skimpy?

She definitely notices a spike in the amount of turned heads as she and her friends enter the packed bar. And, feeling quite flattered, the next thing she knows she’s being chatted up left and right by all sorts of eager suitors. “Maybe this dress wasn’t such a bad idea,” she thinks to herself as she converses with a particularly charming young man about good music and recent travels- who unfortunately has to leave early because he‘s training for a marathon.

But, as the night and the rounds of drinks continue, it’s not long before she realizes that the once semi-discreet head turns and eye gazes from the males in her vicinity have now turned into shameless all out ogling. Not before long, she also becomes aware that the general intelligence level of the conversations started by the men around her has also taken a turn for the worse, not to mention their complete lack of eye contact. “Well, on second thought…” she thinks to herself as she, having had enough, tells her friends that she’s not feeling well and is going to head home early.

So was the risqué outfit worth it? Well, there’s no question that it attracted more men to her. And perhaps the charming marathon runner can’t get it out of his head. But more importantly, was it the right type of attraction? “Did it attract the right type of man?” she, now comfortable in her pajamas, asks herself.

Sure, groups of men were all over her. But that’s all they were really- not charming men, not witty men, not business men, not intelligent men, but just nondescript men. So, in answer to the question: Yes, a skimpy dress will attract more men. But, will it necessarily be flattering and reciprocated attraction from the right kind of man, probably not.

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