Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — Turtlenecks…

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By Juliette McGough

Why is a turtleneck one of the worst articles of clothing you could own? Because you literally look like a turtle when you wear one. Whoever decided to add a tube of extra fabric to the neck of a shirt should be exiled from society and sent back into the wilderness of Nebraska or South Dakota, where a turtleneck is an accepted article of clothing for activities such as turkey hunting.

The person who invented turtlenecks probably didn’t go on dates… or have friends. Sure turtlenecks are warm and cozy, but they are also made with spandex, a girl’s worst enemy (unless you are Heidi Klum, and then you can wear as many spandex turtlenecks you want). Turtlenecks are normally worn during cold seasons, seasons that serve up pumpkin pie, biscuits, cinnamon rolls and cannolis. The last thing a woman wants is to be on a date and feel like she is crammed in her shirt like a sausage.

Turtlenecks are one of the most unsexy, unflattering shirts ever worn, so why would you wear one on a date? Using a turtleneck to hide your neck, which can be a very sexy part of the body, is letting your date know that he will not be kissing, touching or sucking on it anytime soon. Now women, you don’t have to dress like a skank to look or feel sexy, but you also don’t have to cover every inch of your body with a cotton/spandex/lycra blend either. It’s a good thing to show a little skin and keep him wanting more.

What are your thought’s, would you wear a turtleneck on a date?

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  • Personally, I think it depends. What would the alternative have been? I would rather a date be warm and comfortable than more fashionable. If she's cold (physically) it can throw off her body language on the date turning a good date bad.

    I think there's also the question of bulky vs. thinner / layered turtlenecks. The bulky ones would make anyone over a size 4 look much heavier, but I believe that many other women can pull off a thin turtleneck.

    As for your comment about exposing the neck, I think that sometimes being hidden can be as sexy as being revealed, if the shape / contours can be seen, even if the skin can't be.

    And I won't lie, this time of the year, a woman wearing a form fitting turtleneck, a cute skirt and boots can be an absolutely FANTASTIC outfit… provided that the turtleneck is a solid color. Any of the turtlenecks shown in the blog post — well, I think the companies selling them should be arrested for …. well, we'll figure that out later.

  • Aden

    turtlenecks are a NO GO. If you are cold, wear a cute scarf!

  • Omar

    TurtIenecks…I used to wear them when I was 6. It wasn't cool then. It definitely isn't cool now.

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