Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions – My Girlfriends Smell?

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Sasha Speaks 10.25.10

Dear Sasha-
I love my girlfriend…really, I do…but every now and again, she starts to smell a bit and it puts a damper on things. What can I do?

Phunky in Philadelphia

Dear Phunky-

When you say “smell,” what region are we talking about? Is it general B.O. or do these odors emanate from her naughtiest bits?

While a shower and a good bar of soap are everyone’s friend, people are like snowflakes and part of their individuality, and our attraction to them, is smell.

For example, I used to date a guy with the best morning breath I’d ever inhaled. It was intoxicating. Did it actually smell good? Probably not, but there was something about him, his pheromones, our time together, that made me love it.

On the other hand, I lived with a man whose feet smelled exactly like rancid popcorn. It was nauseating. But I put up with it for five years because I loved him–even if he did put me off Jiffy Pop for the better part of a decade.

Smell is one of our most primal senses, linking us intensely to memories and offering mating clues on a purely instinctual level based on what our body chemistry leaks out into the world. Good, bad or otherwise, the scents we give off are a huge part of attraction.

Now, let’s say it is your girlfriend’s coochie coo that’s less than rosy from time to time. Men often complain about the smell of women’s vaginas, you know, the whole “fishy” myth, but I’ve got a question for ya; Do you think balls smell or taste great? Ever heard of “Fumundah”? It’s the smell from under your balls. And it reeks! But we go along with it because a little stank never hurt anybody.

If the odor you notice is only cropping up from time to time, it’s probably nature’s way of letting you know your girlfriend is fertile and her hormones are creating a scent that sends up the flare that she’s basically in heat. Ahhh, nature, you wiley thing, you.

Why not get in touch with your crunchy, granola side and appreciate the wonders of the human body?

Or, if it’s a B.O. issue, just buy your girl some Lady Speed Stick and call it a day.

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