Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: What Men Really Think of Your Sexy Halloween Costumes

  • Posted on: October 28th, 2010 by

By Jack Elliot

Yes, it’s just about that day. You know, that day full of jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, trick or treating, and most importantly, costumes- costumes which allow you a chance to change your identity, to play a role, to express yourself. And when it comes to working at a bar on Halloween, one seems to see, shall we say, the more risqué, uninhibited sides of people, most often women, come out through their costumes. Almost making it seem as if entire wardens of slutty nurses, entire armadas of scantily clad pirates (who give an entirely new definition to the word “booty”), entire red light districts of hookers have all decided to take the night off, unite, and go out drinking and man hunting.

Which of course begs the question, what do men at the bar really think of such costumes? Are they attracted? From my experiences at the bar, and as I’m sure you can attest from your own experiences of Halloweens past, that it doesn’t take an incredible amount of perceptiveness- I even think that the Frankenstein sitting to the left of you at the bar could tell you that, in general: Yes, most men are attracted to risqué Halloween costumes. And that, in addition, most men will have no qualms about hitting on the slutty nurses (whose uniforms would probably make the virtuous Florence Nightingale turn in her grave).

Going along with this, it also seems that risqué behavior accompanies these risqué costumes, evidenced by the fact that a lot more guys seem to get lucky on Halloween than on any normal night out. But as is the case with almost all one-night stands, I’m fairy certain that no real long-term relationship will develop with a naughty nurse who has no problem throwing her Hippocratic oath out the window.

Which is something really interesting to think about. How come it’s not like this every weekend? How come women who typically dress on the conservative don’t seem to mind dawning pirate costumes that even the most lecherous of buccaneers would disprove of? Perhaps it’s just a fun way to blow off some steam, let loose for a bit, and just have an all around crazy time out. Perhaps it’s just a chance to let your wild side call the shots one night of the year.

On the other hand though, there are some completely different, and quite refreshing approaches that some women take in creating their Halloween costumes. Every now and then you’ll come across an elaborately designed and well thought out costume, which reflects the woman’s incredible fashion sense and style; or you’ll come across a woman with a completely hilarious costume, which reflects her originality and sense of humor.

And at least for me, I’d much rather talk to the one girl dressed up as Annie Hall than ten naughty nurses and slutty pirates.

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