Tuesday’s Topic: Double Dating Dynamics

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Double Dating Dynamics

By Kari DePhillips

You’ve heard or experienced blind date horror stories. You know, the time when you walked into the restaurant and the girl you were meeting had a thicker mustache than you. Or, the time when the new guy you had plans with decided to invite his mother. There was also that other time that you discovered that Devon from the dating website, a charmer from across town, was actually a tranny.

Double dates can be just as awful and awkward—unless you choose the right couple to join you. So, how you do you choose a who to share your date night with? Consider the following:

Status Check

How long have you been seeing the person that will be accompanying you on the date? Whether you’re married, engaged, in a serious relationship or casually dating, you want to impress the person on the date with you, right?

Show off your best qualities by going on a double date with a couple who brings out your good side. Bring the athletic couple out for a hike or bike ride. Your pair of lawyer friends might enhance your intellectual side, so bring them to a debate watching party. Remember, people often judge you by your family or choice in friends. If you really are the company you keep, what does your inner circle say about you?

Decide on a Destination

Figure out where this double date will occur. If you’re planning on meeting for dinner at the new steakhouse in town, don’t invite the vegetarians. You also wouldn’t want to ask Bryan, the ardent outdoorsman who never leaves home without his pocket knife, to a dance lesson. Save that date for a newly engaged couple, or for your friend who acts as a beard for her guy (we’re squinting at you, Renee Zellweger).

What if you choose the couple before the location? Find a place or activity that all four of you will enjoy. If they live on the other side of town, try to meet them at a convenient spot. If they have a 40-minute drive home from a night of drinking, while you and your date only have to walk two blocks, they might not be joining you again. Or, they’ll crash on your couch (and oh yes, there will be sex).

Choose the Couple Wisely

Dates last longer than a half hour, so take into consideration what you can endure. Spending time with a fun, outgoing couple should let you loosen up and enjoy the date. On the other hand, if you go out with somebody annoying, you’ll be stuck rolling your eyes all night.

The bottom line: pick a couple who you know fairly well and genuinely like spending time with. No one is forcing you to double (unless you’re Mormon), so it’s perfectly fine to be picky.

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