Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — Baggy Pants…

  • Posted on: November 12th, 2010 by

By Juliette McGough

Women, and men, will do things to impress their date while on a date, unless the date is going horribly and then maybe they will try to impress someone else, like the waitress. Either way, they are trying to impress someone. Dressing like a prisoner is probably not the route one would take to impress their date. I’m not saying your date is going to be head to tow in bright orange and they most likely (hopefully) will not be wearing a jump suit (and if they are…creepy). However, when your date shows up and he is wearing his pants down to his knees, he will look straight out of a prison yard. Baggy pants allegedly started as a fashion trend when prisoners, who were forbidden to wear belts and/or string due to safety precautions, would leave the prisons and continue the trend on the streets. I learned about this fashion faux pas from my Uncle Mark who was ranting about my cousin’s pants, so take it as you will.

For a woman, baggy pants cover up one of her greatest assets, her shoes. Good shoes are hard to come by, and covering up a great pair is just wrong. Baggy pants also can show a women’s butt crack, which we all know is an absolute no-no on a date. Baggy pants can also make a woman look heavy. However on a good day, they can make her look like she has dropped 100 pounds, which is a plus! On a date, nothing can make a girl look skinnier than pants that say, “I used to weight 300 pounds!”

On a young man, baggy pants will only foreshadow what he will look like when he is old, has a beer belly and has to wear suspenders. Why do men want to speed up time? Enjoy that small waist while you can and buckle that belt gentlemen. Men who wear baggy pants have to walk with their legs spread so far apart that they end up looking like a crab, which is not cool if you are trying to impress your date, she might even be allergic to shellfish.

Baggy pants give anyone and everyone diaper butt. No one wants to walk around looking like they have a loaded diaper under their pants. Saggy pants equals saggy butt, remember that. Baggy pants give off the impression that you want to be an unsuccessful rapper, or that you want to pretend that you are young and hip while chaperoning your nephew’s high school dance. Can you imagine a 40-year-old man dancing with saggy pants rapping to an Eminem song? I didn’t think so.

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