Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — Insult Guy

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By Kimberly Wharton

Yesterday morning I awake in anticipation of a new day! With a cup of coffee in hand, I’m ready to face the website of choice and see what awaits. What I discovered was an e-mail from a man we’ll call GGMan3.

…yeah, I just pulled a Taylor Swift. …that was his real screen name. The e-mail went something like this, “Kimberly, Your profile is horrible and unimaginative. It shows a definite lack of romanticism and creativity, not to mention cynical of others. I would never date a girl like you.”

So ok, l understand the age old concept of boys teasing girls because they like them and all. But seriously GGMan3, this isn’t kindergarten. This is the internet, a place where standard rules don’t apply. So, stop hoping that I get interested in your lack of interest and go back to taking half glazed over web-cam pics on your computer. And one more thing, stop being a cynic of my cynicism, which isn’t really cynicism at all. But rather meant as humor, which I’m very sorry that you lack.

So the point is, are games or trickery ever really necessary? When online, (and hopefully offline too) can’t we just be honest? For instance, if you’re wearing a baseball cap in every picture…the gigs up…I know you’re bald! And if you’re really looking for a ‘sweet girl’, why do you have an almost inappropriate “chest” pic taken of yourself on your cell phone in your bathroom mirror? I’m fairly certain that more honesty would result in better dating results.

Your profile and what you do and say online should be the easy part. The risk is not in being yourself. We save the risk for that face to face meeting. I know online dating can be scary, but if we play nice, we may just get along.

So after what was to be a completely odd day, I realized I was scheduled for a date. No, not with GGMan3. I almost cancelled under the assumption that once again I’d be misled. He had to be hiding something or afraid of real personal connection. After all, he communicated almost strictly in text. …but I did meet him. And it was lovely.

…the search continues?

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