Sunday Bad Date Funnies – False Advertising!

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True Story From Mylifeonmatch — The Guy Who Looked NOTHING Like His Picture

To start off, I love online dating. I think it is a great way to meet people and get out there. With that being said, there are still a few kinks in the formula. Recently I went out with a guy who looked NOTHING like this picture. We met on a site and had finally gotten to the “emailing” section. We nailed down a date for drinks and I was excited. In his picture he looked cute. Note: The picture was black and white from a wedding he was in. I got all dressed up hoping for the best and when I walked in to the restaurant I couldn’t find my guy anywhere! Finally, I saw a guy at a corner table calling me over. “NO WAY. THIS CANNOT BE HIM.” Where was the guy from the picture? Where was his full head of hair? If he was a brand, he would be sued for false advertising! The best part? He asked me if he looked like what I was expecting. He knew his only photo was a great picture that didn’t really look like him! 90 minutes later the date was over. He was a nice guy, but in my dating life, chemistry (and physical chemistry) play a big part. He asked me out again and then posted some “updated” pics of himself on the site when I declined.

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