Thought’s on Getting Stood Up

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By Nicholas Lynn

When I think of the term “getting stood up” I instantly picture a single female, sitting alone in a restaurant at a dining table, awaiting the arrival of some male who committed to meeting her there with the promise of a good time (and a potential marriage no doubt) who never actually makes an appearance.

When I asked several of my female friends, family members and a few random folks that I met at the bar “have you ever been stood up?” They all replied “yes” however the above scenario was NOT what they described to me when asking the question; “what exactly happened to you when you were stood up?”

They told me things such as:

1. “He said he’d call me at 8:30 on Friday but I never heard from him.”
2. “He told me he had a great time but never answered any of my texts after we slept together.”
3. “He said he was interested but stopped calling. I found out it’s because he already had a girlfriend.”

Hilarious, I know.
But before you get all bent out of shape because of my position on this topic, I want you to take a minute and ask yourself something, how many calls have you planned to make but never bothered to pickup the phone, let alone dial the area code? Or how many texts have you received that never saw a reply?

Honestly — ask yourself why did you behave this way?

I’ll tell you why, it’s because you weren’t interested in the male that was pursuing you.
Plain and simple!

So next time you’re “stood up” don’t get all sensitive and start feeling bad about yourself trying to find out “what’s wrong with me?” or “why didn’t he call me?” Perhaps you already know the answer to that.

And I’m positive that you’re quite the catch.
And you’re most definitely what every guy should want out of a woman but let’s face it…

1. Some guys just want to get laid.
2. Some guys don’t want to have children.
3. And most guys don’t want to get hitched.
4. And because of those things, some guys just aren’t going to do what they promise to — like call you when they said they would.

No big deal, so don’t fret too much about it, women do the same thing to us.
So next time a guy ignores a text, doesn’t return a call, or can’t find it in his heart to ring you back after you give up a little piece of the cookie, take a second to remind yourself of last week — when you ignored several texts, sent phone calls right to your voice mail and told some unfortunate fella “I’m not having sex again until I’m married.”

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