Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: Ladies – What Your Button Style Says About Your Dating Style

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By Jack Elliot

The amount of buttons a person leaves undone can say a lot about them. I think its safe to assume that someone who leaves many a button undone would on most occasions not mesh well with someone who buttons all the way up to the neck. In regards to this topic though, a great question to ask is: what do men think of the way a women buttons her shirt? The stereotypical point of view would almost make it seem that in the male-ideal-fantasy world, women should just disregard buttoning altogether. But is there validity to this viewpoint? Or do most men prefer otherwise?

Unfortunately, from the conversations I’ve had with many a meat-head, it wouldn’t be out of line to say many, many men would prefer the stereotypical male-ideal–objectify women-fantasy world of no buttons. This stereotype, when examined deeper, definitely seems to be more of a reality than just a stereotype. Take, for example, the professional sports cheerleading industry, the pornographic industry, the action movie industry, and so much more- why are these industries so successful? I’m sure it’s not too much of a stretch to say that cleavage has a little something to do with it.

But does this then mean that women should just stop buttoning altogether, or just let an irrational amount of cleavage hang out? Of course not. Just because a stereotype exists, doesn’t mean that it should be supported or adhered to. And if a woman was to choose to adhere to such a stereotype, she should probably be well aware that her actions would most likely attract men who most laud and support that stereotype (and thus, pornography, cheerleaders, and bad action flicks) which is probably someone she wouldn’t want to be dating.

Upon conferring with a couple of my closest male and female friends on the issue, their overall standpoint holds that some cleavage is perfectly fine and can be very attractive, but to show too much is really just trashy, and a huge turnoff- a viewpoint I totally agree with. “When I see another woman at bar with a ton of buttons undone, I know she’s probably just looking for one thing,” quotes one of my female friends. And at least among my male friends and myself, none of us would ever really want to date someone who was constantly dressing in a sleazy and provocative manner.

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