Tuesday’s Topic: The Halloween Make Out Hangover

  • Posted on: November 2nd, 2010 by

By Kari DePhillips

It’s Halloween night, you’re out with the girls and you spot the world’s most attractive vampire across the room – and no, it’s not Robert Pattinson. This vampire doesn’t glitter at all…and he is hot. Two pumpkin beers later and you’ve discovered that not only is the bloodsucker an equally good facesucker, he really knows how to put his fangs to good use.

Fast forward to tomorrow. You vaguely recall, through an orange-colored haze, that Vampire Boy was true to character and had disappeared by dawn. Now you’re left with the memory of last night’s fantastic kiss, but how do you know who really lurks behind the white face paint and fake blood? All you know is that there was chemistry, but how can you call him when you don’t even know who he is? And will he even get in touch with a girl he only knows by her mask and obscenely short skirt?

With all the ghosts, ghouls, and sexy nurses haunting the streets, Halloween can be one of the best times of the year to hook up with someone . But on a night (in)famous for one-night-stands, it’s important to keep a discerning eye and rely on a few tricks.

When nobody is who they look like, Facebook can be a great tool to keep you in the loop about who’s who. Did Vampire Man tag himself in any of your friends’ photos? If not, maybe he’s only one degree of separation away and you can easily find him. If any of your friends know your mystery lover, they might be able to offer you some insight into his character before you go all-out.

Of course, if you got his digits, you could always give him a call. But then the burden of proof is on you – will he still be as into you when you’re not on five-inch heels and wearing a mask? The important thing to keep in mind is that Halloween is one night a year, and you might be an entirely different person for the other 364. If you and Vampire Man find each other again in less spooky circumstances, perhaps you’ll hit it off as yourselves, but in the meantime just enjoy yourself and don’t let the orange punch go to your head.

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