Tuesday’s Topic: Sex Toy Drive-Thru

  • Posted on: November 30th, 2010 by

By Kari DePhillips

You Want Fries With That?

Recently, one businesswoman in Alabama has taken the initiative in creating the time saving, convenient mechanism that we have all been waiting for. It will revolutionize the world once it catches on and will make feeing better about your commute easier than ever! The idea is relatively simple: take something we all love (sex toys) and make them easy and convenient to get (drive thru window). Simple, right?

This will be one of those ideas that we all wish we thought of first, while this entrepreneur is counting her millions. It’s easy to envision these drive thrus on every third corner, replacing coffee shops and fast food chains. The future beckons – and it is buzzing.

Who Needs Caffeine?

Can you imagine how much better you could feel after a long commute into the office in rush hour traffic in the morning if you stopped at one of these drive thrus instead of stopping to get coffee? Be honest, you might even wake up early for work and find a longer route full of traffic lights and congestion to get there.

And imagine the office atmosphere when everyone shows up after their own long commute. No more grumbling coworkers shuffling to their cubes, no more snapping at each other because everyone is tired and unhappy to be in the office. The increase productivity before 10:00AM would skyrocket!

Honey, I’m Home!

Likewise, the commute home would be a breeze. Gone will be the days when a measly four hour commute stand in the way of our taking certain jobs! After a quick stop at the closest Window of Happiness we can relax and unwind as we take the longer way home, forgetting about the boring meetings and the unpleasantness with our boss. The stress of the workday will melt away from our tired bones as we slowly ride home from work (all puns intended).

Free Toy With Every Meal!

In her effort to legitimize adult novelty stores, this woman has solved a problem that many of us face when we purchase our “me-time” toys. By giving us the option of never leaving the relative privacy of our cars, we can forgo the unpleasantness and embarrassment of having to actually go into these shops.

I’ve often thought that the reason I don’t frequent adult stores as often as I’d like is because it’s just asking too much for me to go inside. This lets me pick out what I want from the menu board, pull up to the second window, pay and go. Pretty sweet, at least in my opinion.

As an added bonus, if they get your order wrong here, you might get a nice surprise instead of an order of onion rings you didn’t want!

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