Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — New Years Eve Sparkles

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Juliette McGough

New Years Eve is one of the few times that glitter is not only accepted, but also highly encouraged. Maybe the shimmering represents peoples hope for shiny things in the New Year. Women can hope for sparkly engagement rings, and men can hope for shiny new cars. However most Americans should be hoping for a shiny new treadmill. I know I am. My New Years Eve motto last year was “two-thousand thin” (and when you say it fast, it should sound like 2010). However it ended up turning into “two thousand tamales and brownies.” Many people have hope for a shiny new relationship as well, and New Years Eve is a great time to impress any future interests.

Anything that glitters is appropriate attire on New Years Eve. Women can cram themselves into glittery party dresses and end up looking like a giant disco ball. Leave the sparkly dresses to the hungry women and accent your outfit with something glittery, like a scarf, earrings or a hot pair of pumps. New years eve is one of the only times when you can bust out any obnoxious accessories. I have a pair of disco ball earrings that were originally Christmas ornaments that I had a jeweler turn into New Years Eve earrings. These balls were the heaviest things I have ever worn on my ears, but they looked damn good.

Men can also dress over the top on New Years Eve. If you feel like channeling your inner Jersey Shore, feel free to wear your sunglasses inside the club or bar. Yeah it might make you look like a douche, but it will also make you look important. And if you are lucky, some out-of-towners might mistake you for a celebrity. Which is a bonus if women rarely approach you. Men can start off the New Year right by purchasing an expensive jacket or suit. A nice blazer, even worn with jeans, can definitely up your chances for a relationship in the New Year, or at least your chances of getting laid.

Another great fashion statement for a new year is sparkling white teeth. Pearly whites will automatically trick people into thinking you have a great smile, making you extremely popular with the camera on New Years Eve. Anybody can whiten their teeth with a $30 kit from any drug store, upping their chances of getting a big fat kiss on New Years Eve. And who knows where that kiss can lead? Remember, stay sparkly and shiny this New Years Eve and you will stand out in the crowd, go too crazy and you’ll just be laughed at for resembling a bag of sequins.

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