Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender – Thrifty Tippers and Sexual Attraction

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By Jack Elliot

So here’s the scenario: it’s the end of the night at the bar, they’ve been talking for hours- having a real blast making each other laugh and sharing a real connection, he suggests that they head back to his place and she agrees with a big smile on her face. He goes to close out the large tab that he’s accumulated over the last couple of hours and the bartender hands him the receipt.

In terms of the night, nothing could have gone better and both sides can’t wait to be in each other’s pants. But everything comes to grinding, tragic, colossal halt as the fate of the night takes a turn for the worse when he decides to leave a very, shall we say, “unsatisfactory” tip. Feeling a bit embarrassed, she throws in a couple bills to catapult the tip to a much more reputable percentage.

As they get ready to leave, she begins to expect some sort of explanation for his short change, but he doesn’t seem to think twice about it and to her it’s starting to looks as if he expected her to cover the rest of the tip. As they head out of the bar and head toward the taxis, her head is still reeling over his insubstantial tip.

At first in adamant denial, she soon forces herself to come to her senses and is able to realize that she’s just spent the last couple of hours with a…bad tipper.

So the moment of truth is at hand. Should she forget about the bad tipping and go lose herself in the arms of the short-changer, whom she is honestly highly attracted to and shares great chemistry with? Or should she quickly think up an excuse about not feeling well and catch her own cab back home (in which she will leave a very gracious tip with the cabbie), narrowly dodging what could very well turn into a relationship full of 5 and 10% gratuity charges. So what should she do? Is his bad tip a deal breaker?

Well before we discover how their night turns out, let’s expand more on the concept of bad tipping and the stigma behind it. In essence, leaving an appropriate tip communicates one’s general appreciation for the services rendered to them, as well as the point that they are actually able to afford said tip. So if one were to short change at a bar, restaurant, etc. their tip would communicate to their date that they most likely lack this general appreciation, and quite possibly the ability to afford generous tips. Although it isn’t everything, it definitely can provide some important insight into one’s personality.

Having made her decision, as the cab pulls up, she fakes an unexplainable illness and tells him that she just needs to go home and get some rest. She hops in her own cab and watches out the back window as short changer slowly fades out of her view.
End note: Thriftiness does not pay.

What do you think, is a “thrifty tipper” a sexual deal breaker?

  • Sounds like you just want to discourage people from short-changing you, bartender. 😉

    Can’t say that thoughts like these have ever entered my mind. Besides, why shouldn’t the girl chip in to pay? Sounds like the guy in this story already covered most of it. Is a few bucks really too much to ask, considering that the attraction is mutual?

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