Tuesday’s Topic: 5 Very Unconventional Dating Sites

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By Kari DePhillips

Sure, we’ve all been to OKCupid or E-Harmony and maybe had a couple of weirdos pop up from time to time. But for every general dating site on the Internet, there are many more that can get strangely specific. Here are some of the weirder dating sites online:

1. Daily Diapers. Have you ever thought about coming home from work and slipping into something a little more comfortable? Something like a diaper? The Daily Diaper offers the possibility of true love for these “adult babies,” a subculture of adults who enjoy being treated like children. This wide-ranging community includes subsets like “adult toddlers” and “diaper lovers.” Featuring forums and a photo gallery as well as the standard personals fare, adult babies are sure to find something to coo about.

2. Purrsonals. Before I get started, please check out that website, and watch the cat lady give her little presentation while Chester the Molester cradles his kitty in one of the rotating snapshots. Holy effing crap. How much do you love your cat? The folks at Purrsonals cater to those who really love their cats – and couldn’t imagine starting a relationship without first meeting their date’s kitties. When first visiting the site, you’re urged to “contact new feline friends!” This site is one of many that put pets before people – other notable sites include http://www.equestriancupid.com/ Equestrian Cupid and http://www.datemypet.com/ Date my Pet. HORF!

3. Vampersonals. If the last time you went outside during the day was three years ago and it was only because your mom made you, Vampersonals may be for you. Denizens of the night can find true love with the vampire of their dreams. But what if you don’t want eternal death with a supernatural creature? Never fear, the site also offers a generic “goth” option, for those darker-minded individuals who aren’t ready to take the plunge.

4. Farmers Only. According to the founder of Farmers Only, there are two types of people in the world: yuppies and hicks. This site caters to the latter, helping cowboys and girls find a date with “good old fashioned traditional values”. Upon signing up for the site, you’re asked what kind of animals you breed and what crops you grow. Touting over 100 marriages since its founding, it’s clear that Farmers Only is truly helping the Heart of America find love. So just say “Yeehaw!” and mosey on down to find the farmer you’ve been looking for.

5. DateCraft. Picture this: it’s a typical Friday night, you’re sitting in your parents’ basement with a 2-liter of soda and a jumbo-sized bag of chips pwning some noobs in World of Warcraft when you have the crushing realization that you’re going to be alone for ever and nobody will ever understand your desire to wear digital armor and chase down animated gnomes. Never fear! The folks at DateCraft understand. DateCraft claims to “facilitate the building of relationships between gamers.” Go beyond the screen and meet the night elf of your dreams. Maybe you’ll even meet in real life someday (though it isn’t likely).

Sure, these sites may be a little out of the ordinary, but people use them and find love every day.

What’s the weirdest dating site you’ve been to? If you could invent a new dating site, what would it be based on? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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