Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Many Sex Partners?

Dear Sasha,
I’ve just started dating a new guy that I really like a lot. I’ve had sex with a lot of guys for my age (I’m 25), more than I can count — do I tell him?

One too many to count. Click here to read more…

The Dating in Disguise Game Show Ep.1

Dating in Disguise – Game Show Ep.1

The Dating in Disguise game show – Because sometimes love is just a matter of luck! Each constant has 3 chances for love along with a cash or zonker prize twist.

Click here to read more…

Sloppy Drunk Girl – Share Your (Drunken) Bad Date Story

Do You Have a Bad Date Dreadful Drunken Date Story?

  • Did your last online date show up drunk as a skunk, or blackout at the bar leaving you with the entire tab, was she a sloppy drunk aka “drunk girl?”
  • Do you need to place to vent about your disaster dates gin breath?

Tell us you dreadful and disastrous bad date drunken dating stories and connect with others.

You can also post from your iPhone in real time with the BadDates iPhone app. Apple iTunes

Because some bad date dating moments are just that special!

Sloppy Drunk Girl – Share Your (Drunken) Bad Date Story

Date Song Pick of the Week: Amos Lee – Learned a Lot

Amos Lee – Learned a Lot

Sunday Bad Date Funnies: Miss Silverback Gorilla

Bad Date Story via The Dating Leprechaun

When I began this whole internet dating malarky I started off being very fussy about height, weight, age, sex, (sanity) but then when no-one emailed me I tried talking to anyone and everyone. Eventually Miss SBG responded, she looked reasonably sane and rather than fart around with endless emails I thought I’d take the plunge and suggested she meet me for a bite to eat. Click here to read more…

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — Another Year, Another Dating Profile

By JocelynWentland, Sex Researcher

So with the advent of another year, how many people have un-retired their online mouse and returned to online dating or are making the big dive into online dating for the first time? I’m no mathemagician, but I’m sure many sites like Plenty of Fish or Lavalife see a new year’s spike each year. Click here to read more…

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — Visible Bra Straps

By Juliette McGough

The weather is beginning to get warmer (if you are on the west coast that is) and people are starting to get more and more naked. Men are jogging with out their shirts on, women are wearing shorts and even celebrities’ little dogs have taken off their tiny holiday sweaters. One trend that always seems to appear when the weather gets warmer is the visible bra strap. This trend seems to be a little confused; one season it is perfectly O.K. to show your bra straps and then another season the trend is shot down by all fashionistas. Click here to read more…

Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: Hitting on the Bartender?

By Jack Elliot

Inside the bar you see the live band full of attractive musicians. You see the crowd dancing, enjoying themselves. You see couples throughout the bar, having drinks and relishing in each other’s company. You see the numerous singles throughout the bar talking, joking, trying to make something happen. You see the poor busboys desperately trying to clean up empty glasses and restock the bar. Everyone’s quite attractive. But, no one seems to really strike your eye, no one you really desire, no one with that je-nais-sais-quos. Click here to read more…

A Man’s POV: How it Makes Me Feel When… She’s Flirting With Other Men in Front of Me

She’s (My Date) Blatantly Flirting With Other Men in Front of Me

By Patrick Curry

Now when you’re out and about on a date with a cute girl, I’m going to assume that you’re going to aim (or you damn well better if you plan to get anywhere with her) to put your best foot forward: to be funny, to really listen to what she has to say and really learn about her, to ask questions. In short, to really focus all your attention on her. I mean, how do you think she would feel if you were ogling at, salivating over, and cavorting with other women while on your date with her? Click here to read more…

The New 1.7v BadDates Dating iPhone App

The New 1.7v BadDates Dating iPhone App
We here at and Bad Date TV are excited to announce that the newest 1.7v Baddates App is now available in iTunes.

1. Are you in need of a virtual bad date wingman?
2. Are you one of the millions who have had online dating disasters?
3. Have you ever had a date so criminally awful that you needed a virtual bad date wingman?

Well, Bad Online Dates and Bad Date TV has you covered! You got it. There’s now a new and improved app for just that! Because sometimes some moments are just that special.

With the introduction of latest tool, the Bad Online Dates BadDates iPhone App, gives you a chance to tell your story in real time and interact with other members as well as get immediate advice or comic relief by watching Bad Date TV.

You can go to iTunes and download the application at no charge. That’s right all this bad date fun is free!

Once you’ve installed the application you will never have to feel alone again.
Because No bad date is that bad when you have the BadDates App as Bad Date back up! iTunes

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