Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — Going Commando

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Juliette McGough

“Going commando” has been very popular in the New Year. For New Years resolutions, most people decided to stop sleeping with their ex, drop a few pounds and save a few dollars. Going commando will definitely help you save a few dollars, and maybe help you not sleep with your ex, but loosing the pounds will have to be done on your own time. Going commando, also known as the act of not wearing any underwear, is popular among the sexes. Men like to do it to feel less restricted and women like to do it to avoid a nasty panty line, either way it’s a win for both sexes.

Men find that going commando is less restrictive. Having your junk bounce around is probably a great feeling for a man, and not to mention that while it is bouncing around, a woman might see a bulge through his pants and think that he is actually larger than he is. Score! Who would have thought that it was so easy to accomplish every man’s dream by doing jumping jacks while going commando in a pair of gym shorts? All men should try “hanging loose” on a weekend. Air the boys out. Let freedom ring all day long by going commando. However, there are negative aspects of going commando. One word: Zipper.

Men should not be afraid of letting their junk dangle all day, but one wrong zip and it could be his last. If grabbing any extra stray hairs wasn’t enough to turn you away from going commando, the chance that a fragment of skin would be snagged is just terrifying, and I don’t even have penis! The new scar caused by that zipper could scare women away from your man hood, accidentally tricking them into thinking that it was from some horrible disease instead of a bad zipper accident. Another negative aspect of going commando is that when a man gets “excited,” everyone will know. It is nice to look like there is some extra bulge down there to impress the ladies, but a full on boner is just rude. You know what else is rude, getting pee on your pants. Because men don’t use toilet paper on a regular basis, if they choose to go commando, they need to make sure they drip dry well. No one wants to see some “dripage” on your pants.

Women who choose to go commando, don’t have such harsh consequences if something goes wrong. They won’t end up with a scar they will have to explain to every lover they have from here on out, however women have their own troubles. If women choose to go commando, they have to remember how to sit, especially if they are in a dress. I couldn’t tell you how many pictures I have seen of women sitting together and you can literally see the color of the rainbow under their dresses. If they choose to go commando, it will not be the colorful panties that end up catching people’s attention. A clutch, or small purse, is a great accessory to place in your lap when you are sitting. It will close the gap between the dress and the skin and no one will get a peek of the goodies. As I mentioned before, going commando has many positive qualities.

Airing things out down there is a good thing. Panties are pretty, but letting a breeze waft in between your legs once in a while keeps things fresh. Going commando also helps with the terrible problem of panty lines. Even my ninety-nine year old great grandmother Gibby will argue that a real lady never has a panty line. Going commando can also be very sexual. Now I’m not telling everyone to hang a sign outside their house telling the world that they let the goods roam free today, but letting someone, maybe a special someone you are dating, know once in a while can really work in your favor. They will be turned on all night, while also pampering you because they feel they might get to see some of your “commando-ness” later.

Men and women can both enjoy going commando, and as long as they avoid the dangerous aspects of it, going commando can be freeing and fun.

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