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By Juliette McGough

The other day, I was walking down a busy street in Los Angeles and passed a man who was wearing a skirt, or a towel, or a kilt… no I am pretty sure it was a skirt. I cannot believe the next trend that is going to take over for spring is the skirt for men. As a woman, I love skirts. I think they show off my legs, they help keep me cool during a hot summer and they make me feel very feminine. I understand that sometimes men want to embrace their feminine side; they can get a manicure, spend an absurd amount of money on a haircut or spend a weekend watching a Sex and the City marathon. However, I think that skirts for men is taking femininity to an extreme.

There are plenty of women out there that do love a feminine man. They appreciate a man who can enjoy the same activities, and now enjoy the same clothes as well. Women can appreciate a man who has the balls to wear a skirt. That type of courage can really shine through in a man, and maybe even shine through the fabric of his skirt. While on a date, do both woman and man cross their legs?

Skirts for men are becoming so popular that they can easily be found in a mall. Which gets you thinking about what kind of man would wear a skirt. Can you see a teenage boy sporting a skirt? Can you imagine your father wearing a skirt? Can you imagine a professional football player wearing a skirt? No way. Skirts don’t seem to compliment masculine legs the way an expensive pair of slacks do. Foreigners seem to be the only men who can make a skirt look good.

I cannot imagine dating a man who wears a skirt. Dating him would make me feel like less of a woman. We could literally wear matching outfits, shoes and handbags on a date. Men wearing skirts reminds me of some of the men that I see, and are great, during Pride parades or Halloween. However, if I wanted to date a man that made me feel like I was at a Parade or Halloween party everyday I would have picked one up last Halloween.

I believe one of the top reasons men would love skirts is because it makes it easier for them to get laid, or at least get in “quicky.” If men could give up a little bit of their masculinity to up their chances of receiving a blow job in the car, they would do it in 1.3 seconds.

  • Mike

    Sorry to disagree with you but a kilt is a MAN’s garment. Throughout history men have worn non-bifurcated garments. Pants are a more modern (relatively speaking) garment. I would say a kilt is more manly and appropriate than pants with the crotch half way down to the man’s knees and the waistband around their butt. I find it amazing that many men are such pantywaists to be afraid of the kilt. I wonder who the real man is in this case? I wear a kilt about half the time. If I wanted to dress like a woman I would wear blue jeans.

  • True Patriot

    Juliette McGough is obviously a Nazi. She thinks that she has the right to look good wearing a skirt, but does not want men to have the same option. To Juliette, how would YOU feel if YOU were a MAN and denied the right to wear skirts?! You are a female cheauvenist pig who wants special rights for women, as opposed to men! I must tell you that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution give men and women the rights to life, liberty (wear whatever you want), the pursuit of happiness, and equal protection under the law! If you oppose American values, then you should not be living in this country! And by the way, what is so manly about slacks? They are SO boring – they have no style in them whatsoever. Skirts show off the male legs!

  • Skirted John 24/7

    Juliette McGough should give up wearing Pants for a month and only wear long dresses with long sleaves & a Hi coller over the summer then she would know how men feel being traped in long pants or baggie shorts ( besides no one wants to see your underwere or your plumers crack ) skirts dont show that stuff !! Personly I wear what I feel loke wearing !! Be it skirts/dresses/shortshorts/heels or what ever clothing is just that CLOTHING !!!

  • Denie77

    Skirts/kilts originally are men’s garments, gowns/dresses originally are women’s garments. Pants are not a woman’s/man’s garment but rather are a unisex garment. The fixation society has on wearing pants is an obsession that has gotten out of control. Men need to get back to wearing skirts/kilts. I personally believe that women wearing tight pants shows too much of their form and is a vulgar way to display their flaws…disgusting! Modesty is best and skirts support modesty! Medically speaking, skirts are healthy but pants promote bacteria because of the warm/hot environment where bacteria thrive! Get with it guys and wear your skirts/kilts…you look great in them!

  • Charles

    A complex confluence of social forces tracing back many centuries has shaped this woman’s “thinking.” It isn’t thinking, it’s reacting. She’s affected by the same mass hypnosis of preconditioned expectations about male appearance that most are mesmerized by. Overwhelmingly, it was the use of the horse as transportation and as military cavalry that put men into pants. Can men be men if they don’t ride a horse? By God, I believe so! As for plain, drab, colorless, lifeless, boring, undecorated attire in general being “necessary to masculinity,” this notion stems from Puritanism (they believed anything fancy was “of the devil”) and The Great Masculine Renunciation which initiated during The Reign of Terror (1789-1793) in the awful French Revolution. Commoners revolted against aristocracy, who were the ones who could best afford fancy clothes. Afterwards, it was politically inadvisable for men to wear anything fancy. There was additionally the influence of the London alcoholic, Beau Brummel, in concocting the hideous suit costume for men, and the Industrial Revolution, reinforcing plain and strictly functional attire for men. Meantime, till about 1920, young boys to age 6 were still dressed in skirts, dresses and petticoats (see Franklin Roosevelt 1883) and as of 1912, there was only one woman wearing pants in New York State—Mary Walker. Along came factory work in WW2, 17 million US women went into pants. Afterwards, society wanted them to give up pants, but they refused, and by late 1960’s women had right to wear pants almost anywhere. NOW it remains to have religious zealotry and far, far worse, PSYCHIATRIC FANATICISM (“cross-dressing”) to stop trying to deny the purely human right of choice to men. Take a cue from Greek soldiers in skirts—NOT EFFEMINACY—only a bra on a man can make him effeminate—UNDERSTAND?

  • Mara

    Okay, skirts are originally a male’s garment. Women only wore long dresses in past. That is truly correct, no doubts. We also find in the history that the womens’s fashion were inspired by men’s fashion for thousands of years, dating back to Egyptians.
    Today men going out of cage wearing just one type of garment which isn’t really adopted by his anatomy, pants. As we all know that male’s genital have to stay cooler than his body temperature (average 5-7 degree F cooler) for his best health we have to wonder that men could survive the past sticking just in pants. Yes, a lot of diseases are the result of wearing pants, but we should think ahead our time and we should support with all we can do for it men’s skirted movement. A clearly YES for men’s skirts.

  • A B

    There are dozens of countries where men wear skirts as their normal apparel. Get over your American hangups. Visit Scotland or Fiji. And men should be able to show as much skin as women, many would appreciate it.

  • Tina

    Where is the problem with men in skirts? Only for that people which are not confident with their own kind of dressing, reveres to men and women.
    As Mara said, skirts originally men’s garment, so what. Returning to their former kind of garment is a normal act and should not discussed or not more than when women wearing pants.
    Who is giving the right to deny men any kind of clothes? NOBODY, it’s every bodies own right. So men should stand behind of comfort and beauty?

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