Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — Visible Bra Straps

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By Juliette McGough

The weather is beginning to get warmer (if you are on the west coast that is) and people are starting to get more and more naked. Men are jogging with out their shirts on, women are wearing shorts and even celebrities’ little dogs have taken off their tiny holiday sweaters. One trend that always seems to appear when the weather gets warmer is the visible bra strap. This trend seems to be a little confused; one season it is perfectly O.K. to show your bra straps and then another season the trend is shot down by all fashionistas. When society is feeling a little liberal, then the straps are in; when society is feeling a little conservative then the straps are out. Who knew bra straps could be so political?

If you own a cute bra, then show it off! Where is the fun in hiding a super cute bra, especially after you had to try on about fifteen different bras until you found the perfect bra? However, if your bra has thick straps, you might want to refer from flaunting them. Your bra straps should not be thicker than the straps on your shirt, if they are, buy a new bra. This is unfortunate because any of the bigger busted girls out there know that it is difficult to find a supportive, big girl bra with thin straps. Something has got to hold the twins up!

The price of the bra might be another reason a woman might want to show off her bra straps. On average we spend between $40 and $100 on a quality bra and we need a quality bra because it is an article of clothing that we wear every single day. We women spend so much money on our bras that we often feel the need to show them off, even if it’s just a little strap! However, there is a group of women who are known for showing off their bras, they are known as hookers. Have you ever watched an episode of COPS when they have a sting to catch hookers? Almost every hooker will have at least his or her bra straps showing, if not more. Make sure you are careful on your bra choice, and if you need an example of what not to do, watch COPS.

One thing I hate to see women wearing are the clear bra straps. I think showing your colorful bra straps is much more acceptable then wearing the clear plastic straps. They even have designer straps you can buy that have rhinestones and decorative lace. I am pretty sure the plastic straps are made out of the same material as the clear high heels that strippers wear.  At least some bra straps can be used as a fashion accessory; remember a little color goes a long way. Europeans often will wear sheer clothing over a beautiful bra, really using the bra as an accessory. No matter how much bra you decide to show, most of us can agree that a bra is something we need. I stare at enough headlights in LA traffic, and I definitely do not need to stare at anymore while I am at work, shopping or taking my dog for a walk.

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