Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Is She Being TOO Private?

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Dear Sasha,
I met this girl recently online and after a month of seeing her pretty much every weekend and sleeping together, she still won’t introduce me to her friends, she also never talks about them, or her family, for that matter. Do you think that she’s hiding something from me, or just playing her privacy cards close to her chest?

Is she just being too private?

Dear Private Privacy-
Can you say “sketchy”? Everything you’re telling me is screaming, “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”
I have to admit, I’m shocked to hear you two have already slept together because as I was reading your letter I totally started wondering, is someone playing a real life version of The Crying Game here?

There aren’t many girls in this world you keep things like friends and family off limits, especially when it comes to conversation. Women dish about everything! I can understand a meet-and-greet coming later down the road, but who doesn’t talk about the important people in their life? It makes me wonder what you do talk about when you’re together and how she’s managed to evade offering any personal information. Are you sure this chick isn’t on the lam? Are you hooking up with Thelma or Louise?

The fact that you met online makes the whole thing even creepier. At the beginning of 2011, legislation went into effect making it illegal to impersonate someone online. While I’m not sure your girl is playing at being someone else, your relationship does have the ring of early AOL chat rooms to me. She could be anyone and you’d have no idea. She might be a stripper flight attendant or an ax murderer and you wouldn’t be the wiser because you blindly trust what her profile told you.

I can’t say for certain that she has something to hide because, in truth, I don’t know her and, really, who am I to judge? Buuuut, if you wanted to bet me a million dollars and a one night stand with Ryan Reynolds that there’s something very rotten in the state of her Denmark, that’s a bet I would totally take.

Get sniffin’, Officer McGruff, because no one is that cagey and you need to get to the bottom of this mystery before you go any further down the rabbit hole. If this girl is willing to let you get all up in her lady parts, than she should be willing to tell you what her dad does for a living.

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