Tuesday’s Topic: The Top Six Reasons Women Have Sex

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By Kari DePhillips

There are many motivating factors that drive women to have sex (besides the fact that it’s the 21st century and you’re allowed to if you want to, damnit). Here’s a list of the top six reasons women get freaky between the sheets:

1. Basic physical need. Every healthy human adult needs to get their rocks off once and a while. Although this feat can be accomplished on one’s own, it’s usually more fun to have a partner handy. Women often seek out sexual companionship simply to fulfill physical yearnings.

2. Revenge. Sex is a powerful tool that can be used to extract an emotional response out of a former partner, and women know this very well. Revenge sex, also known as rebound sex or break-up sex, is often performed for two primary reasons: to bolster one’s own ego after a break-up and to make one’s former partner jealous. As long as you’re safe, there’s nothing wrong with a little break-up booty.

3. Power, Prestige and Social Standing. Throughout history women have used their sexuality to influence powerful members of society (if you’ve never read Sex with Kings, you should definitely check it out). Some examples include the infamous Anne Boleyn, who used her sexuality to persuade Henry VIII of England to secede from the Catholic Church and begin his own religion. Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra influenced political decisions made by Julius Caeser, and later, Marc Antony. Her relationships with both men greatly influenced interactions between the Roman Republic and Egypt.

4. Love. Sex is the physical representation of the abstract concept of love. Women have sex to express love they feel for their mate, and also to feel loved in return.

5. Reproduction. The innate instinct to propagate our species is one of the strongest forces driving our interactions with members of the opposite sex. Women are constantly searching for a male mate with seemingly strong genetic characteristics. The healthier a man looks, the more likely it is his genes are healthy too. Healthy genes are the Holy Grail of reproduction – it’s what every person is subconsciously seeking out while searching for a mate.

6. Money. Prostitution is often regarded as one of the world’s oldest professions. Many women view sex as a service that can be traded for currency, much like any other public service. The business of sex thrives in modern society, just as it did during biblical times. Just ask Eliot Spitzer!

The major motivating factors as to why women have sex range from emotional to physical, material to maternal. This list doesn’t encompass all of the reasons women have sex because a comprehensive list would be as unique and diverse as all the women of the world themselves.

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