From the Bad Date TV Vault: Bad Date Ben – More About Me? Episode 4 Part 1 Presents Bad Date TV.

Bad Date Ben – More About Me? Episode 4 Part 1

Date Song Pick of the Week: Adele – Someone Like You

Adele – Someone Like You

Sunday Bad Date Funnies: Book Excerpt – My Blind Date Went Blind!: And Other True Stories of Dates Gone Wrong

Excerpted from
My Blind Date Went Blind!: And Other True Stories of Dates Gone Wrong
By Virginia Vitzthum

The Gift
Rosalie, 32

What can I say, I like weird people.  Always have.  Girlfriends’ll tell me about a guy who sang them a little song he wrote them on the first date or one who fit a whole orange in his mouth and they wrinkle up their nose, expecting me to be appalled. Meanwhile I’m like “Wait, you’re saying you don’t want to see this guy again?” Click here to read more…

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — A Horse Tale

By JocelynWentland, Sex Researcher

A few years ago, my boyfriend surprised me with an afternoon date of
horseback riding. I had convinced myself that we were going on a hot air balloon ride while en route so I was really surprised when we drove into horse stables. I’m no equestrian master (mistress?) or anything, but I’ve ridden a horse or two in my day (no pun) so I wasn’t too worried about this little guided trail ride. Click here to read more…

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — Wearing Pajamas as Pants

By Alysia Sofios

“Do you love stylish sexy jeans? Do you love soft comfy pajama bottoms?”

Oh, PajamaJeans® infomercial, you think you’re so clever. Trying to lure all of us busy women and our potential social lives into your devious web of DormiSoft™ Fabric and contrast stitching. Inevitably keeping us comfortable, yet single, forever. Click here to read more…

Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: The Crazy Stalker Ex

By Daniel Ponsky

There comes a time in most everyone’s life when a relationship or two will come to an end. Most of the “composed” end of the dating pool will move on. They will call it quits, turn there head and walk down another path never looking back in regret. They are content with the relationship that they were blessed to have experienced and are clear headed in their reflections. I would also dare to say that most of the world would pray for this resolve if they were in a break-up situation. Click here to read more…

A Woman’s POV: How it Makes Me Feel When… All My Friends Have Boyfriends and I Don’t

By Jess Downey – Not What I Ordered

I can remember when I was in college and I felt like the token single girl. All my friends had boyfriends and even if those relationships ended their phases of singledom never seemed to last as long as mine did. It also seemed like every girl I met also had a boyfriend. Oh, and all of my guy friends also had girlfriends.

Yeah, I was the token single girl all right. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Like, Love or Dopamine – Part 2

Book Excerpt – Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel

By Jennifer Kelton

Oxytocin is a peptide of nine amino acids that was, until recently, thought only to induce labor, lactation and bonding between a mother and child. Now it is believed to be instrumental in attachment between romantic partners as well. It is secreted by the pituitary gland, stimulating the brain and reproductive glands of both men and women. Click here to read more…

Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — My Braless Date?

Dear Sasha,
I’ve been dating this woman that I’m starting to like a lot, the only thing is she has pretty large boobs and goes braless most of the time. I see not only men staring all the time but women as well. Do I say something or not?


My braless date
Click here to read more…

Date Song Pick of the Week: Ben Harper – In the Colors

Ben Harper – In the Colors

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Jennifer Kelton CEO / founder LLC is a Los Angeles native and a pioneer in the worldwide dating industry, investigating the game of love while providing encouragement and support since 2007, starting with the acclaimed dating book Don’t Use My Sweater like a Towel. An accomplished CEO, visionary and entrepreneur, Kelton’s work in the […]

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