Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Her Handbag?

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Dear Sasha,
The woman I’m dating always puts her purse on the restaurant and bar top when we are out, even when I ask her not to because it grosses me out and I would hope that she would stop just as a matter of respect to me. Do you think it’s a sign of bigger things and issues in the future?


Handbag Helper

Dear Handbag Helper-

Yes, I do think there are bigger issues at hand here…but I don’t think they’re hers.
Can you say “control issues much”? Your query has OCD and germaphobia written all over it.

On a recent episode of Oprah’s All-Stars (if you can’t tell, I’ve been having marathon viewings of OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s new cable network, and loving every second of it), Dr. Oz, who ruins everything with way too much information, told the audience that one of the dirtiest thing in the world is the bottom of a woman’s purse. I believe it. Mine is sitting on the floor of Starbucks as I type this. And I’m going to lick it just for you. Kidding, kidding, I just wanted to mess with you. Anyway, it sounds to me that you probably already know that and have some serious cleanliness parameters when it comes to your lady. Do you make her shower before sex too?

If it’s that big of an issue for you, why don’t you buy her an adorable little purse hook/hanger for her to carry around in the offending, germ-covered purse and you can avoid any further conflict? If you present it in a cute way, it can be a thoughtful gift and a running joke for the two of you.

But I do think you need to consider your own squeamishness and how that could negatively impact your relationships. Everyone has habits that other people find gross but you have to learn to work around your own crazy rather make others bend to your weird turn offs. For example, when people have a big frothy mouth of toothpaste as they’re brushing their teeth, it makes me literally gag. So what do I do? I avoid the bathroom when my boyfriend is Colgateing it up and looks like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth. Problem solved.


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