Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — Spanx on a Date?

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By Danielle Turchiano

If a dog is a man’s best friend than Spanx are certainly a woman’s! There’s a lot to be said for women’s lib and “coming as you are” and all that, but let’s face it: more than half of the time that we’re dressing to impress it’s not for a man anyway. We want to feel good about ourselves first and foremost, and if we aren’t happy with how we look, it can often be all downhill from there. There really isn’t a reason that we shouldn’t try everything to look and feel our best– especially now that “everything” doesn’t have to include backbreaking corsets or invasive surgical procedures.

The brand has come a long way since the tummy-tuck alternative of high-top pantyhose hit the fashion scene just over a decade ago. What started out as slightly binding, slightly itchy, very controlled and specific garments that really only made sense to wear under dresses have expanded into separate bra and panties sets, camis, and even swimsuits. There is rarely an occasion for which one couldn’t wear Spanx these days– special events and date nights obviously included.

So you’re going out on a date—maybe a first date, maybe a blind date, whatever—and you want to make sure you not only look good but are as comfortable as you can be. You want to focus on being witty in conversation, not making sure you’re sucking in or not slipping out.

And here’s the thing: yes, it would have looked weird at one point if you were on a casual date, wearing jeans and some a cute flowy top, and things progressed, and your guy found you wearing some kind of weird tights underneath the outfit. You can’t exactly shrug your shoulders and expect him to understand what it is you’re wearing or why. So you laugh it off, all while trying to shove out of them, but they’re shaping, so they’re tighter than normal pantyhose, and by the time you’re successful the interruption alone, let alone the confusion or accusations that may follow, would be enough to ruin the mood.

But now that Spanx are so much more widely accepted— they’re downright trendy, even—they come in a wide variety of styles and colors that can be just as sexy as anything Victoria would have in her own closet. You can wear them on a date, any date, and feel confident and comfortable that you’re showing off whatever you consider to be your best assets.

Sure, Spanx can be seen as a form of false advertising. But so can regular ole push-up bras, high-heeled shoes, and any form of make-up, and many women won’t even go to the grocery store without at least one of those. If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad, right? At least that’s what Sheryl Crow sang, and I’m inclined to agree.

And chances are good that when your guy strips down, too, you may find a familiar label etched into the back of his own boxer briefs, as it’s not just women who want to look and feel their best these days.

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