Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Her Cooking Sucks?

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Dear Sasha,
I have just started seeing a woman that I really like. One huge problem she always asks me over to cook dinner aka eat a home cooked meal and she is a REALLY bad cook! I don’t want to be rude  –but her cooking is for the dogs!

Her cooking is for the dogs?

Dear Doggie Bag,
Have you ever had sex in the kitchen? Now might be the time to start. The next time she invites you over, slide up behind her while she’s slicing and dicing and tell her you want to get something else cookin’. By the time you’re done, she’ll have burned dessert, scorched the sauce and wilted the salad so you can suggest dinner out instead.

But that’s only a short term solution.

If you think there’s a future in the relationship, why not surprise your lady with the gift of cooking lessons that you can take together? That way she won’t realize your ploy straight away and it’s something fun and bonding for both of you. Ultimately, you should be honest with her, knowing that her feelings might be hurt in the moment, but if you offer to learn together, food can be your new foreplay.

You can blindfold each other and have taste tests, go on culinary adventures around your town, and make the kitchen a place to share time. I suggest going to a book store or newsstand, picking out a cookbook or cooking magazine and working your way through the recipes that call out to you together.

Food might end up being a huge asset to your relationship. Done right, it can be incredibly sexy and sensual, or sweetly domestic and romantic. I complete understand what she’s trying to do by cooking you dinner; it’s a shame things have gone so awry. Be patient, be kind and get cooking with her!


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