Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: My Date Talks Like a Sailor

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By Daniel Ponsky

When facing the world as a single, there are certain bottom-line dating standards that I am quite sure all of us have. These standards help set the framework when it comes to whom we chose to spend our time with. Each piece answers a question to help unscramble the puzzle of our dating like’s and dislikes, What is it that attracts us to those people? Is it the way they talk? Is it the way they dress? Is it the way they see and express themselves in the world? Did they simply just have all of their teeth? Whatever “it” is that attracts us to our opposites obviously has a sense of humor and believes that “it”, knows us better then we know ourselves. However and more often then not the “it” is wrong.

A perfect beauty can turn into a perfect storm. I’ve seen it a thousand times people. When the eyes get hypnotized, the ears tune out. Every one of us is capable of running into that special “could have been” someone who at first glances takes our breath away. Smart, fresh, witty, charming. They hold all the tangible qualities that we look for once we are able to see past the world of the physical. Once you get to this sweet spot there are usually very few things that can bring down your ship of passion. Having a mouth like a gutter just happens to be pretty high up on that list.

Let’s not get things confused here. I ain’t no Saint. I myself have a mouth that rages darker verbiage on the regular that will rival anyone and ring true with the best of the cussing world and road ragers. I love a good cussfest, it cleanses the soul and purifies the spirit. There is however a right time and place for it and you should know the difference. Let’s just put it this way, if you are reading this article and don’t know if you cuss too much, then you probably do and need to start checking yourself.

You may not think big of it but believe me, your date definitely does. The way you carry yourself in public says a lot about who you are and what you stand for. Politeness shows that you respect others and having a mouth like a German truck driver only shows that you do not. Just to be completely real about the situation, if I date a girl who has a mouth like a street hooker, let’s just say the difference in where we go to dinner might be Spago or Denny’s.

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