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By Laurie Davis, eFlirt Expert

We live in a mobile society and are attached at the hip (OK, hand) to our mobile devices. We manage our professional lives from our phone, find movie times, get directions, read restaurant reviews and update our statuses. But you can also manage your entire single life on the go. In fact, if you haven’t been using it to manage your love life yet, you’re only making things harder for yourself. It goes without saying that you should download the app for your dating site de jour, but there’s a whole world of mobile-friendly enhancements until your relationship status goes from “single” to “it’s complicated.” Since you can easily get lost in the app store, below are your online dating coach’s three must-downloads.

Real-Time Flirting. Location-based apps are hot, but it’s not just for your social life. Applications like MeetMoi, Grindr and Skout will allow you to peruse the singles that are physically nearby, message them safely through the app and meet up if the digital feeling is right. Instant date potential!

Little Black eBook. Dating online means meeting lots of people. Date Mate lets you keep track of all your various dating situations. Make sure you don’t double book by using the calendar function, use each date’s profile to remember specifics and quantify you love life by rating your success. You’ll never have an excuse for replacing a phone number again.

Date Scout. Plan dates painlessly in the palm of your hand. Urban Daddy’s The Next Move app will help you find the perfect date spot based on where you are, time of day, who you’re with and what you want. It’s particularly awesome to well, plan your next move. If you don’t want the date to end but need a new location after dinner, head to the restroom, plug in your info and choose an Urban Daddy approved venue. Also awesome is Siri Assistant which will find you what you’re looking for no matter how specific and make reservations.

But amid all this technology, don’t forget that your phone also has a call feature. Sometimes the simplest function is the most important. The conversation will be more captivating. The nerves in your voice will be endearing. And the excitement you emit will be encouraging.

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