Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – Snooki Slippers

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By Danielle Turchiano

Okay, look, I don’t care how cute or trendy some famous person is claiming them to be, who the f*$% would wear slippers out in public, let alone on a date!?

So here’s the skinny: Snooki—you know Snooki, right? The little girl with the big mouth and even bigger poof from Jersey Shore—has stamped her “brand” onto a line of plush slippers designed to make the footwear “cool” or at least more accessible to those far under the geriatric demo.

I will admit it: I find the slippers cute. Basically a subdivision of the Happy Feet company, Snooki’s Slippers come in a variety of options from leopard print to neon to the more conservative pale pink and white tennis shoe style, and they are extra plush to not only give a bit of height but also a bit of bounce in your step. They may be a bit like Snooki in that they are loud; they are a bit round; they are in-your-face…but they are also soft and warm and perfect for walking around the house on a winter’s day. Admittedly, I would love to receive a pair for my upcoming birthday. But they key word there is “house.” If your guy is coming over for a home-cooked meal and a movie night, fine. If you pull them on the next morning because your hardwood floors are cold on sleepy feet, fine. If you’re leaving the vicinity of your apartment for brunch or even just errands with the guy you like? No, no…just no.

Yes, dating has evolved so much more past just the “dinner and dancing” or “dinner and a movie” of yesteryear, meaning that fashion choices for dates have expanded to gym clothes and running shoes or board shorts and flip-flops (especially here in California where so many go on hikes or to the beach). There is certainly a time and place for everything. In fact, there is even a time and place when it’s okay to imitate the orangina of Snooki: it’s called Halloween. But the time and place for sleepwear like pajamas and slippers are not on dates that leave the comfort of your own home—or a hotel.

Not now, and if we all work really hard together, not ever.

  • Luisa McMason

    i love lounge-wear. its refreshing to be able to pick out clothing or shoes that have more to do with comfort than they do with fashion. i’m thinking about grabbing these slippers for for my oldest daughter. i think she will appreciate these especially for college! 🙂

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