Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – Unibrows

By Alison Agosti

There are literally an infinite number of possibilities for self-expression through your hair. Dye it, shave it, spike it, let it grow wild and untamed. Men can grow beards, or a tragically trendy moustache. Basically, if you can imagine it, there is probably a product that can make it happen for you. However, in the world of body hair, eyebrows should be not open to creative interpretation.

Twice a month, I make the sad trek to my local beauty salon to pay a muscular Slavic woman to pour hot wax on my face and rip the excess hair out of my brows. It hurts worse than anything, and every time she does it, I wonder why I do this to myself. “You came in here with two caterpillars above your eyes and now you have eyebrows again!” She has said this to me several times, because she thinks it’s hilarious to make fun of me. And, she’s right. I really feel like it makes me look better.

I know that women are targeted and encouraged to beautify damn-near every part of their body (the fact that anal bleaching exists is the ultimate example); that the perfect woman must posses certain features, but there really are benefits to shaping your eyebrows! It draws attention to your eyes, lifting and enhancing features. Ultimately, it just looks better, cleaner and sexier.

Men, however, do not seem to have gotten the memo. I’m not asking for guys to do anything drastic, quite frankly, I would be happy if they would just keep the two from meeting in the middle. That’s right, the dreaded and unsightly unibrow is much more common than you’d think. Certainly not the thick, full unibrow; but I’ve had more than a few run-ins with the more subtle and island of light hairs in between the the two.

I’ve never thought this was a deal-breaker. Unattractive? Yes, absolutely. But in the spirit of Moldable May, I would encourage you to give the poor uni-guy a chance. Most likely, he has no idea, and I’ll take the guy who is a little clueless over a shameless preener any day.

So maybe you fall for one of these clueless types. Now comes the delicate art of introducing a man to tweezers. While I don’t think a unibrow makes someone undateable, it certainly cannot be allowed to stay. I suggest being straightforward, but polite. Don’t say, “You would be so much less disgusting if you let me tweeze your disgusting t-zone.” Mostly, because they won’t know what the t-zone is, and because it’s mean. Try something a little more tactful, like “Hey, I’m crazy about you already, but here’s something that would make you even better.” I don’t know a single guy who wouldn’t want to make himself more attractive to the girl he’s dating.

This might be a sign that I’m a bit of a sadist, but I kind of enjoy tweezing out those few in between hairs for them. There is no bigger cry baby in the world than a man getting hair removed. It’s a funny, sweet little thing the two of you can share and even if he won’t admit it, he’ll thank you for it.

* Has someone tried to change you, or have you tried to change someone? For the next few weeks we here at will be talking, writing and posting about the ideas, motives, and thoughts that surround trying to “mold” aka change someone in a relationship. Is it possible, is it a good idea?

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