Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – Mexican Pointy Boots: These Boots Weren’t Made for Walkin’

By Shilo Urban

Boots are one of fashion’s greatest confidence boosters and are usually a smart choice for a date. When you slide a pair of badass boots onto your feet, you also slide on the feeling of being able to conquer anything that might cross your path – including a first date.

But what if those boots were 7’ feet long and covered in purple glitter, LED lights and disco balls?

A new trend has jumped the border from the Mexican town of Matehuala and into the dating scene, and colorful pointy boots are appearing at rodeos and dance halls in Texas, California and other border states. These boots leapt into fashion from a common source: the dance floor, a place known both for inspiring style and as a wellspring for dating opportunities.

But dating opportunities might be nixed if your new hombre shows up to your door in a pair of these flamboyant boots, which make it difficult to walk and impossible to drive. Long stroll on the beach? Out of the question, and I hope you didn’t want to cozy up for a late night kiss – or you might wind up less one eye.

The flashy boots originated with Mexican dance crews; as they tried to outdo each other with performances and presentation, their boots became longer and more elaborate, decorated in sequins, glitter, satin, animal print, flashing lights and even disco balls on the tips. Some boots stretch out flat and long and slap up and down on the ground, while others curl back almost like elf shoes, so dancers can grab the tips as they shimmy around the dance floor. So sexy.

Both young chicos and older vatos wear the boots to attract attention, which are often D-I-Y affairs using plastic hose, leather and screws to stretch out the toes of normal-sized boots. Slightly reminiscent of ghetto-fabulous fingernails, these pointy boots are worn with skinny jeans (to highlight their fabulousness), “tribal” style fedora hats (to try and balance things out) and a bandanna (to stamp out dust problems on outdoor dance floors and add an edgy “bandito” feel).

In some places in Mexico, apparently “the girls won’t dance with you if you weren’t wearing pointy boots,” but in most U.S. cities these boots are acceptable only on dates to Latin or rodeo-themed dance clubs where “tribal” music is being played, and even then – make sure your date has a good sense of humor and a better sense of self. This sparkly, shiny, attention-grabbed footwear just might make her jealous.

One thing is certain, however: To wear a pair of blinged-out boots that are longer than your legs and shinier than the stars above, you need some major cojones. It is clear that anyone wearing these boots will never be slave to what society thinks, which in this case would be: “What the hell do you have on your feet?

If you are looking for a daring lover that most likely can dance and has a sense of humor about fashion and life, just keep your eyes peeled for a pair of pointy boots. Just be aware – he might be more in love with his boots than he could ever be with you.

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