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By Aubrey Mayne

While mulling over the ideas for this article I thought that I was going to find the Rosetta Stone of attracting men, when in fact my research led me into a completely different direction than my original predictions.

Sexy, Eccentric, Tomboy, Girly and Professional.

No, I’m not talking about the 90‘s pop phenomenon that was the Spice Girls. I’m talking about the five basic categories of women’s style. I set out to explore these different stereo types and see what exactly they reeled in. Myself being a pretty eclectic mix of sorts chameleoned through all these personas and found the following information about men and what they think about ladies aesthetics.

First off sexy is not king…or I guess queen in this case. When polled most men said that too much skin is not a good thing. They want their lady to be attractive but not sharing the goods with every other guy walking down the street. One guy stated that “…showing too much usually tells me she’s pretty insecure and is probably a basket of issues.” My sexy look also seemed to attract the slimiest characters when out and about… big surprise there. Also men need some sort of mystery. Give them a little “bate” but don’t reveal so much that they think you’re going to go home with them after exchanging first names, and “what you’re drinking,” (why is that the only thing men can think of to ask us at bars?)

Another thing that women are doing that men seem to hate is trendy looks. Men are naturally wired to find the female body to be appealing and some of these trendy fashions are less about the body and more artsy. They get weirded out by things like harem pants, preggo tees, and big sunglasses. So it seems the eccentric look is not that popular with most gents. You can keep your unique style, but you must make sure you are wearing things that are figure flattering for your body type.

The tom-boy look was surprisingly good to me when pulled off correctly. Don’t get me wrong, men love a good set of high heels and a pretty dress, but a laid back Punky Brewster meets surfer girl can catch the boys eyes quite effectively. Guys like it when girls can keep up with them and have fun. Also it can make it a little easier for them to approach you cause you seem more laid back and like you have more going on in your head than your knowledge of the best push up bras.

Most men like their women to be feminine but they don’t want to feel like they are dating a toddler. Girly, flowery, sugary-sweet is nice for some ladies, but be careful to not go overboard. If you feel like you need to tone down your floral fairy meets a frosted cupcake look, try mixing in some more masculine or basic pieces with the girly. Same goes for the professional look. We know that you are a powerful, independent woman who can work just as hard as a man, but try and not look like one in that pantsuit. Men seem to like it when a women take something that is popularly a men’s style, but give it a feminine, sexy twist. And remember, it must flatter your figure!

Society, media, and of course Hollywood keep trying to push this image of “(S)he who dies the sexiest, wins,” but in real life it seems men (of quality) just want their women to be beautiful, tasteful, and confident in their looks. Women have been given the false idea that “If I just look perfect he will love me,” when in the real world most men aren’t too picky and just want their lady to shake what their momma gave her… as long as it’s not in ugg boots and a baggy frock.

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