Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: Strip Club Regulars

By Daniel Ponsky

Come on boys make some noise. The better the greenery the better the scenery. You wanna see if they’re real, you gotta make the deal. These are a few of the humorous lines that I remember the Dj spouting off in a strip club that I frequented regularly before I turned twenty-one. What else was a post pubescent male supposed to do as he gingerly climbed the latter of sexual success? I had no game at that time. To tell you the truth, if it wasn’t for those days I don’t think I would be partly the man I am today. Shout out to Rio, Jasmine, and Sasha. You ladies changed my life more then I had to change my undershorts after seeing you.

So there it is. It’s out there. Strip clubs are a naughty place where people go to get sexually turned on by strangers who shake their ass for money. That’s one way to look at it, if your hell bent on keeping your life in a tunnel of darkness and sexual frustration. Or, you can open your eyes and unleash a little inner inhibition and see that sex is not something that is evil. Have you ever really gotten close enough to a strip club and actually gone in? Most of them are quite charming. Sleek looking marvels of titillating labyrinths that intoxicate the mind with curious wonderment. Around every corner is a friendly smile just waiting to pay you some personal attention while rocking an outfit that looks so illegal it would be illegal to wear it outside if they were just walking to the mailbox. Hot music, laser lights, smoke machines, mystery rooms, eight-dollar waters and all the naughty naughty dance moves you can take.

Now that we are passed that here is the reality. Some of the most down to earth people on the planet are dancers. Yeah some of them are freaks, drug addicts, and lunatics, but most of them are hard working and grounded. They don’t play off the reservation by going home with every person who offers them money. People sure as hell aren’t screwing in the club either. The club is a place where the art of seduction can be experienced and mastered. How to turn on and arouse without consequence? Who could ask for anything more? You wanna learn what having a “game” is all about? You must get your hands dirty and get in it with these people if you have the urge to sexually evolve with confidence. Osmosis is the game here.

These people who work these clubs are professionals. They listen, they teach, they advise and at the end of the day they shake their booty the way booty is meant to be shook. My advice to anyone who has a curiosity or a need to up the level of their game is grab a fifty and go. Check the Sunday sports section for two for one coupons and half off on door admissions. They are there every week and sometimes they have free admission and valet before six o’clock. You don’t have to get a dance, but open yourself up and dare to have a conversation with a stranger in lingerie; it’s a real kick. At the end of the day you might just be surprised that you have a new friend that you will not be able to wait to se again. I promise you.

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